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Jessie Manyo Plange

Yoofi Boham and Tony Tojl tip skillful boxer Manyo Plange for world title

Experience boxing consultant, Yoofi Boham has tipped Ghanaian boxer Jessie Manyo Plange for a world title very soon after he moved up to the...

MTN and Telecom Infra Project join forces to upgrade infrastructure

MTN Group and Telecom Infra Project (TIP) have joined forces to support the evolution of MTN’s communication transport infrastructure, which will become a platform...
children rights

Protect child rights – FoN

Mr Kwesi Johnson, Child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) Co-coordinator at Friends of the Nation (FoN), has stressed the need for institutions and agencies working...

APA hotel incident only tip of iceberg of Japan’s ultra-right wing’s history-revising

The Japanese APA hotel chain has refused to remove from its guest rooms the untruthful books denying the Nanjing Massacre and the forced recruitment...
human trafficking

2016 TIP: Critical measures required to implement recommendations

Defence Network For Democracy (DEFNED) has critically monitored with great concern the upsurge of Human Trafficking (modern day slavery) which is now a booming...
Experts say the world's forest provide a valuable and irreplaceable source of genetic resources ?

Tree Investment Project launched in Ashanti Region

Tree Investment Policy (TIP), an income-generation project designed to improve the living conditions of farmers and the rural folk, has been launched at Fumesua...