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The mandatory tow levy won’t solve the problems on our roads

Ghana is struggling to disentangle itself from the shackles of road carnage. If this not true, why are people dying needlessly through fatal vehicular...

Government shelves proposed towing levy

The implementation of the Mandatory Towing Levy, which seeks to tow broken down and disabled vehicles on roads to reduce accidents, has been suspended,...

Roads Safety Commission to Step Up Public Education

The Committee on Roads and Transport of Parliament has lauded the towing service project and called on the Road Safety Commission to step up...

Vehicle owners to start paying ‘towing fee’ from July

Beginning July 1, vehicle owners will be required to pay a mandatory road safety fee each time they renew their road worthy certificate at...

NRSC to Begin Nationwide Towing Service for Car Owners at a Fee

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) is beginning a nationwide towing program in July which is to ensure that all vehicles that breakdown on...

RSMS Outdoors Towing Project

Road Safety Management Services (RSMSL) on Saturday deployed the first batch of tow trucks for the first phase of the National Towing Project expected...