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Donald Trump

United States Supreme Court clears way for prosecutors to access Trump’s financial records

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against former President Donald Trump's effort to shield his financial records from prosecutors in New York, clearing the way...

Trump picks Neil Gorsuch as new justice for U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night he has nominated judge Neil Gorsuch as the new justice for the Supreme Court, which has been...
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will stand for re-election in October

March 17 world news summary at 0030 GMT

BRASILIA -- Brazilian former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been named chief of staff for President Dilma Rousseff's cabinet, the president said...

Gay marriages could give rise to GOP and surprises

by Matthew Rusling U.S. Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage could galvanize rank-and-file Republicans to vote in the 2016 presidential elections, but that...