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France yellow vest demonstrations continue for 11th week on Jan. 26, 2019

Viewpoint: Crisis of Governance Escalates in the Capitalist States

From Paris to London and Washington ruling parties fail to resolve contradictions within the economic system France has once again been the scene of the...
AFRICOM in the Sahel

Viewpoint: National Security Advisor Bolton Presents Trump Administration’s Africa Policy

Nothing new in the notions of upholding United States interests On December 13 National Security Advisor John Bolton made a presentation at the Heritage Foundation...
France yellow vest demonstrations during Nov.-Dec. 2018

Viewpoint: French Government Responds to Mass Protests

Weekends of demonstrations over economic issues proves disastrous for Macron regime Saturday December 15 marked the fifth consecutive week where thousands of people have held...
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Foreign Minister Lindiwe Sisulu at AfCFTA in Kigali, Rwanda, March 20-21, 2018

Viewpoint: ANC Prepares for Upcoming Elections in South Africa

Minimum wage law, the land question and the economics of imperialism to shape the character of the coming period In a matter of a few...
Somalia conflict map

Viewpoint: Somalian War: A Continuing Result of United States Foreign Policy

Airstrikes, military occupations and the failure to realize the economic potential of the Horn of Africa Pentagon bombing operations against the Horn of Africa state...
Mississippi nooses found hanging outside state capitol building in Jackson

Viewpoint: Midterm Elections Leave Crisis in Political Leadership

Developments in the South and the worsening economic situation portends instability Commentary Results from the Mississippi Senatorial runoff elections where Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Democratic candidate...
Black Reconstruction voters scrutinized with hate by the white ruling class

Viewpoint: Midterm Elections Generate Further Polarization in the United States

Commentary Voter suppression, ending modern day slavery, Jim Crow and the prospects for social transformation November 6 was a day in which people across the United...
Yemen children impacted by genocidal war

Viewpoint: Yemen War Intensifies After Washington and London Calls for Ceasefire

Brutal killing of Saudi columnist draws criticism of United States and British arming of Riyadh Since March of 2015 the United States has engineered and...
Health screening exercise

Viewpoint: Universal Healthcare in Africa is a Necessity for Genuine Development

Conference in South Africa raises issues on whether the approach should be private or state-driven Many of the news stories about African Union (AU) member-states...
Detroit Unite Here on Strike at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel

Viewpoint: Exploitation and Dislocation Continues in Detroit

Public discontent over evictions, foreclosures, water shut-offs and substandard wages can only be ameliorated through organized action Commentary During the early morning hours of Sunday October...
Detroit July 1967 Rebellion on Linwood at Hazelwood where the masses confronted the National Guard

Viewpoint: Reflections on Five Decades Since the Passage of the Fair Housing Act of...

Moratorium NOW! Coalition committed to the realization of housing for all Note: This address was delivered at the Wayne State University Labor Studies Center Conference...
Cuba President Miguel Diaz-Canal Bermudez speaking to over 2,000 people at Riverside Church in New York City on September 26, 2018.

Viewpoint: Cuban President Visits New York to Speak Before the United Nations General Assembly

Miguel Diaz-Canal Bermudez addressed over 2,000 people at Riverside Church Making his first visit to the United States as head-of-state, Republic of Cuba President Miguel...
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxilia at his inauguration after winning the July 30, 2018 national election.

Viewpoint: Zimbabwe Post-Elections Prospects and Challenges

Cholera outbreak reportedly contained while ZANU-PF Government makes attempt to reposition the economy A report in the state-run Zimbabwe Herald newspaper on September 20 says...
Ethiopia Oromo population greet returning OLF members in Addis Ababa in Sept. 2018

Viewpoint: Towards a Sustainable Peace in the Horn of Africa

Despite negotiations and agreements imperialist military forces set to remain in region Another agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea signed in Jedda, Saudi Arabia on September...
South African economy by proportion of sectors in 2017.

Viewpoint: South Africa, Finance Capital and the Land Question

Second quarter negative growth designated recession while rand declines Political Analysis South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that the technical recession announced inside the country...
Simone Gbagbo

Viewpoint: Ivory Coast Grants Amnesty to 800 People as Elections Approach

Two main political parties and coalitions split suggesting a possible realignment of forces Former First Lady Simone Gbagbo was one of 800 political detainees granted...
Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul in her younger years.

Viewpoint: Roots of Aretha Franklin, Proletarian Culture and the Rise of Black Detroit

Queen of Soul was an outstanding manifestation of the African American struggle for dignity and freedom Commentary Detroit artist and social activist Aretha Franklin passed into...
Eritrea allows United Arab Emirates to build military base at the Port of Assab

Viewpoint: The Search for an Elusive Peace in the Horn of Africa

New breakthroughs enhancing interstate relations are threatened by western economic and military imperatives Commentary Major developments related to internal and external relations are taking place in...
Zimbabwe MDC-A instigated violence on August 1, 2018 in Harare

Viewpoint: Zimbabwe Incumbent President, ZANU-PF Re-elected in Historic Poll

Opposition forces reject outcome seeking to continue western sanctions and attempted isolation National harmonized parliamentary and presidential elections in the Southern African state of Zimbabwe...
BRICS African participants, July 2018

Viewpoint: 10th BRICS Summit Held in South Africa While United States Trade War Escalates

Participants make declaration against unilateralism coming from Washington Republic of South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted the 10th BRICS Summit where strong opposition to the...

Viewpoint: Trump administration denies the escalating oppression and impoverishment of the masses

Washington Withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Council While Racism, Social Deprivation and War Intensifies Commentary On June 19 the administration of President Donald Trump announced...
Ethiopian attack on rally addressed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on June 23, 2018 in Addis Ababa

Viewpoint: Ethiopia and Zimbabwe Heighten Security in Response to Attacks on Political Rallies

From the Horn to Southern Africa similar destabilization efforts met with condemnation Two separate grenade attacks in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa and the...

Viewpoint: Third Triumphant Visit by DPRK Leader to China

Trip takes place just one week after historic summit in Singapore Supreme Leader Kim Jong un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and...
DPRK and Chinese leaders in Beijing during historic meeting in 2018

Viewpoint: Recent Developments Involving the DPRK and United States Relations

DPRK has long tradition of struggle against imperialist military intervention Note: This address was delivered at a public meeting held on Saturday June 2, 2018...
Das Kapital

Viewpoint: History in Capital and Capital in history

In Das Kapital or Capital, Karl Marx resolved the key conundrums of the classical political economy: what was value, where surplus value came from,...
Cuba Presidents Fidel and Raul Castro with Angolan President Dr. Agostino Neto

Viewpoint: Cassinga to Cuito Cuanavale, From Hope and Tragedy to Triumph

Landmark anniversaries highlight the historic role of the alliance between the people of Cuba and Africa Two important commemorations related to the struggle for...
US swims against tide of trade globalization

Viewpoint: Why U.S. excuses for punishing China with tariffs untenable

U.S. President Donald Trump has since his election campaign been criticizing China for what he said were Beijing's "unfair trade practices," and the recent...
President Akufo-Addo interacting with President Paul Kagame

Viewpoint: African Continental Free Trade Area: Prospects and Problems for Implementation

Aim of agreement is to create a single market of economic cooperation On the eve of the 55th anniversary of the formation of the Organization...
Soldiers attend a briefing during the annual joint military exercise Foal Eagle between South Korea and the United States in Pocheon, northeast of Seoul, March 25, 2015. (Xinhua/Seongbin Kang)

Viewpoint: Ghana Opposition Parties Form United Front Against United States Military Deal

AFRICOM effort to deepen its penetration of the continent faces resistance A leader of the second largest political party in the West African state of...
Abayomi Azikiwe Photographs, March 24, 2018 268

Viewpoint: The Struggle to Defeat Austerity in Detroit and the World

Origins of the global economic crises are to be found within the capitalist and imperialist system Note: This is the text of an address delivered...