Takoradi Polytechnic fights prostate cancer


IMG-20140227-WA0001The Guidance and Counselling Centre at Takoradi Polytechnic which is headed by Mr. Sylvanus Kudiabor on last Thursday 27th February had collaborative expert talk on prostate cancer with Mens? Health Foundation Ghana ? a medical consortium based in Dodowa. The insightful, educative, mouthwatering and intellectual expert talk was delivered by Raphael Obu , Msc Prostate Cancer , Sheffield Hallam University, UK? and the founder of Men?s Health Foundation Ghana who doubles as the CEO of DE MEN?S CLINIC in Dodowa.

In his rendition, he said the prostate is the power house of every man and therefore men ought to be circumspect in life. He took the over five hundred participants which comprised of staff and students of the Polytechnic through the rudiments of prostate cancer. He said the term ?prostate?was originally derived from the Greek word ?prohistani? which means ?to stand in front of? which was attributed to Herophilus of Alexandria who used the term in 335 B.C. to describe the small organ located in front of the bladder. He also drew the distinction between the word ?prostrate? which lexically means to ?lie flat? and the medical meaning of which it has been explained above. More so, he said the prostate gland is located in between the bladder and the rectum and it?s wrapped around the urethral i.e. the tube which carries urine through the penis.

He went on to describe three basic types of Prostate viz:

  • Enlargement of the Prostate which is not cancerous
  • Inflammation of the Prostate
  • Congested Prostate of which some people refer to ?blue balls?

He also suggested that even though some research shows sexual intercourse is a preventive measure of Prostate Cancer, it is therefore not a panacea to the disease and therefore there are some limitations to it. Thus, what to do, when to do, what not to do and when not to do.

Furthermore, Mr. ?Obu said the causes of Prostate Cancer are not well established but it could be attributed to three factors.

v? Age😕 This deals with the decline in testosterone and the increase in estrogen as men keep on aging.

v? Genetic😕 The changes or mutations ?that occur in the DNA which at times leads to some sort of mutation

v? Race: In terms of race black men are susceptible to the contraction of Prostate Cancer and the ratio is 1:4 as compared to the whites.

He also took his time and explained the symptoms of prostate cancer. He said basically there are three stages when an individual contracts the disease with their corresponding therapies.

  • Local Prostate
  • Locally Advanced
  • Metastatic

The expert talk was then followed by a medical screening on Prostate Cancer at the Takoradi Polytechnic Guidance and Counselling Centre?s Office of which quite a number of staff patronized the service. He also called on government to initiates a policy on prostate cancer screening in Ghana as practiced in the UK and Jamaica. The guidance and counseling center has initiates a policy to screen their staffs twice every year with in conjunction with MEN?S HEALTH FOUNDATION GHANA.

An elated Professor Yawson who was very impressed with Raphael Obu delivery of the expert talk on prostate cancer said ?You are really an expert on prostate cancer and oncology? stated.

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