Yes, it?s easier said than done,
So the popular saying goes,
Why then blame Ghanaians,
When they keep talking,
Like the talking ?fontonfrom?,
Without doing any action?
Who in their right frame of mind,
Will not choose what is cheap,
Over what is more expensive,
Provided they are of same value?
But pause and think,
Oh poor temperamental Ghanaian,
How can what is too cheap,
Be of the same quality,
As what is expensive,
Without noticing,
That something is amiss,
In your brains?
Who tells you again,
Oh, poor soul,
That ?fontonfrom?
The war drums of ancient times,
And still of today,
Make just empty noises,
Like you Ghanaian,
A human being with much ado,
When it comes to talking,
But about nothing,
When it comes to action?
?Fontonfrom? conveys messages,
It communicates with the community,
If you care to know,
Oh poor little soul,
Seeking to justify,
Your total emptiness,
Through your inactions,
When indeed,
You should be acting,
But you choose not to,
But rather keep on talking,
Thinking that is all,
It takes to make changes,
From a worse situation,
To a better situation.
Does action not speak louder than words?
Why then do you choose to,
Not act, but just talk,
Until thy Kingdom come,
And still believe,
That miracles will follow,
Your talking,
As manna fell from Heaven,
In those ancient times?
Oh fellow Ghanaians ee!
The days of getting something for nothing,
The Heavens weeping the tears of manna,
To feed the Israelites,
On that barren desert,
Are gone to come no more.
Sitting on your backside,
Talking and talking,
Without walking the talk,
Will not change anything,
And ?yentie obiara? will forever be,
The most loved and preferred song,
Of your ?ede bii keke? President,
Who, but cannot tell,
His left from his right,
And the presidency become,
Like a maze to him,
Going in empty circles,
Lost forever,
To the detriment of many a Ghanaian,
Outside the ?ede bii keke? family.
Action is needed, but not empty talk, oh dear fellow Ghanaians.


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