I feel no qualms in writing this piece on what i describe as, ?a continues sap of energy from an enervated Region?, because society is ours, and therefore a responsibility upon us to condemn what are wrong and praise what are right. Some parents, religious leaders, teachers, business people, politicians, the media e.t.c.are gradually losing grip of their responsibilities. It was disheartening to observe, upon arrival into tamale, where i hail from, and where poverty is so intense as compared to the south-due to an extent, the low level of education? that ?Sakawa boys? ( Game boys) are now the rulers in the region.

Sakawa Boys

The attitude of some parents, unperturbed as to the source of income when their ?(Sakawa,Game boy)? children buy cars, motor bikes e.t.c.for them defies description. Do they think that the mere ability of their children buying them cars is a measure of success? SMH.

This ?game boy? revolution has become an accepted practise by some media men/ houses in the region, that they go about organising football matches with them. Moreover, they who are supposed to educate the general public and expose the dangers involved in such nefarious activities are rather promoting such activities, by accepting monies and offering them airtime to boast about what dirty properties they possess and causing tension among the ?game boy? fraternity which is clearly not in place.

As for some ladies here, the least said about them, the better. Just because of ordinary phones and motor bikes, they degrade themselves, wash their pride and walk about in veils as though they were the angels of light.

Some so-called musicians, for what i believe to be their parochial interest, mention the names of such ?game boys? in their songs, just to attract favour from these boys. Are they now doing music for ?game boys? or everybody? Thats clearly their business to answer.

All in all, I am disappointed in some religious leaders, politicians, parents, teachers, business people, the media , musicians e.t.c. May God help us..


By?Gombilla Tofic


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