Tanzanian Minister for Home Affairs Mwigulu Nchemba told parliament on Thursday that the number of accidents in the east African nation dropped by 35.7 percent between July 2017 and March 2018.

Presenting his ministry’s budget estimates for 2018/2019 financial year, Nchemba attributed the drop to initiatives and efforts by the traffic police force in enforcing road traffic regulations and raising public awareness.

He told the House in the capital Dodoma that a total of 4,180 road accidents occurred during the period under review, killing 1,613 people and injuring 4,447 others.

Nchemba said adherence to road safety rules and regulations as well as regular inspections on motor vehicles played a major role in curbing road accidents.

The minister said the installment of vehicle tracking systems (VTSs) and speed governor gadgets in upcountry buses also helped to record a decline in road accidents.

“Most of the accidents were caused by reckless drivers. The police arrested 5,185 reckless drivers and legal measures were taken against them,” said Nchemba.

He said the government has proposed to amend the Road Safety Act to enable it be more stringent on reckless drivers, especially for those using mobile phones while driving. Enditem



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