Tanzania to naturalise refugees from Rwanda and Burundi


Dr John Magufuli

Dr John Magufuli

Addressing hundreds of Ulyankulu residents who are mostly refugees from the neighbouring war-torn countries, Dr Magufuli said immediately after clinching the post he would ensure those who have not been naturalised get citizenship.

Recently, the government has naturalised about 60,000 refugees from Rwanda and Burundi. Dr Magufuli noted that through former presidents, number of visitors fleeing wars has been received and treated humanely, insisting that he was going to keep such spirit alive.

?I will ensure you all get citizenship and feel free like other people, for those who have been naturalized count yourself as Tanzanians? he said, promising that he would ensure that the newly formed constituency is transformed.

He also promised to construct 3-kilometre road within Ulyankulu town to tarmac level while improving social services like health, education and water. Meanwhile, in a dramatic turn of events, former Sikonge MP Saidi Nkumba, who was defeated in CCM primaries before crossing over to Chadema and later to ACT-Wazalendo, yesterday made a quick and historic U-turn and rejoined CCM.

It all started when a campaign team member, Mr Abdallah Bulembo, stood and claimed that in CCM, no one was above the party and thus anyone wishing to defect on his/her own free will was free to do so.

He pointed out that there were a number of opportunities within the ruling party and ?tolerance was the only thing that was needed??. For instance, he further pointed out, ?the Deputy Minister for Water had lost in the primaries but remained loyal to the party.

He has now been appointed Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner??. He continued: ?We had worked with Nkumba as your representative for 15 years and had trust on him. We were surprised that he had again crossed over to ACT.

This could only mean that he is not tolerant,? Mr Bulembo told Sikonge residents. CCM Union presidential candidate Dr John Magufuli has often blasted defectors, saying there were still many opportunities within the ruling party that one could be offered.

The hundreds who attended the rally watched in disbelief as Mr Nkumba appeared on the stage throwing, sparking chants of ?CCM,CCM, CCM?? from the delighted members and supporters.

Dr Magufuli, who was addressing the audience by the time, ran short of words and handled the microphone to Mr Nkumba. The controversial politician said he had only gone ?to greet our opponents??, promising that he would continue supporting the party to make sure it emerges with a volcanic win in the much-awaited October polls.

?I am back and ready to be used in any work aimed at giving victory to our party,? Mr Nkumba said amid applause. He handed over his opposition membership card to Dr Magufuli, promising that he was going to work hard to ensure that the party wins in all elections ? councillorship, parliamentary and presidential.

Dr Magufuli promised Sikonge residents that if voted into the Magogoni-based highest office of the land, he would ensure faster transformation of the district, which is one of the oldest, into an economic hub.

He pledged that he was also going to pay special attention to tobacco farming by ensuring that farmers get better prices for their produce.Dr Magufuli said that his government will instantly step in and work on all problems facing tobacco farmers.

?I know tobacco farming is your major economic activity. I am going to ensure that I transform it? I always mean what I say, so just ensure you elect CCM and wait to see,? he told his audience. Dr Magufuli also promised to ensure that more cigarette factories are built to avoid exporting tobacco in its raw form.

He also pledged that his government will construct the 356-km road, running from Mpanda through to Sikonge. Dr Magufuli further assured the residents of maximum peace, security and improved socio-economic development, should he clinch the top post of the land.


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