Youths have been challenged to focus on their economic development instead of being used for political interests.

Moshi municipal mayor Jaffary Michael said this recently when addressing youth and women’s groups in Bomambuzi ward after he donated 4.7m/- to five groups of entrepreneurs.

He said the youth should not be diverted from pressing issues affecting their lives but use their productive time in economic development.

The mayor explained that it had become common for the youth to be used during election campaigns after which they were abandoned and be remembered again a few months before the next election campaigns.

“We must come at a stage where hatred and political differences should not be continued after elections. It is time to think seriously how to free ourselves from the bondage of poverty. I have decided to donate the money to these groups to help them generate more income and I did not want to segregate anyone because of different political ideologies,” he said.

Jaffary, who is also ward councillor, said the donation was for two women’s groups and three youth groups including those, who had established tree nurseries from which they sold tree seedlings.

He noted that he had designed a sustainable development programme for the youth from

Bomambuzi, Pasua and Kaloleni in Moshi Rural district so that they would engage in production activities through their group.

He said previous experiences showed that some leaders had been giving out money

to the youth and told how to invest it. However, the projects were not sustainable, so it was time for the youth also to think of sustainable projects.

Jaffaray said it was mostly the youth, who lacked employment opportunities and it was only by joining groups that they would be able to come up with something tangible.

He said lack of entrepreneurial skills was a big challenge, something that made it difficult even for the groups to be sustainable, stressing that it was important that entrepreneurship should be introduced in schools.

Thanking the mayor on behalf of their colleagues, group leaders Yusuph Chiza and Mahoja Mkonje said the money would help boost their income generating projects.

Source The Guardian



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