The government of Tanzania is working on improving investment package to boost dairy production as part of the nation’s industrialization drive, an official said on Sunday.

Christopher Mramba, Assistant Director for the Business Environment in the Prime Minister’s Office, said the improved package will involve supporting small scale dairy farmers to establish milk processing plants.

“The dairy sector has been given priority because it is one of the driving force of the country’s industrialization agenda,” said Mramba in the country’s northern region of Kilimanjaro.

“Tanzania has a huge population of livestock yet we are importing milk and milk products. This is due to low productivity to meet the demand,” he said at an exhibition of dairy products which attracted dairy farmers, milk processors and suppliers.

Gema Kavishe, an advisor with the SNV Netherlands Development Organization, said the low price of milk was the main challenge facing producers in most parts of the country.

Kavishe said there was a mismatch between the market price of milk and the high cost of production.

The dairy exhibition was organized to sensitive producers and processors on the modern technologies for the production of quality milk and milk products. Enditem


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