Tanzanian President John Magufuli
Tanzanian President John Magufuli

Tanzanian Minister for Home Affairs Kangi Lugola on Sunday ordered regional police commanders in the east African nation to arrest leaders of opposition parties who insult the president.

“Regional police commanders should work closely with regional commissioners to ensure that leaders of opposition parties who insult the president during their internal meetings are arrested,” Lugola told a public rally in Kilosa in Morogoro region.

“Our investigations have revealed that some leaders of opposition parties insult the president and incite people to hate their government led by President John Magufuli. This is done during their internal meetings,” said Lugola.

The minister added that the ban on political parties to hold public rallies is still in force and it will be lifted during the forthcoming election campaigns in 2020.

“The government will never allow the breach of this ban imposed across the country,” said Lugola.

He urged the opposition to observe laws of the country and respect the president. Enditem



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