Is your business one of those that is experiencing a problem of finding an ideal medium of backup technology? If the answer to this question is yes then the reason why you are experiencing this problem is that you are not performing adequate research. Many businesses make the mistake of choosing a medium of backup technology that is most talked about in the Information technology world. They are more interested to learn about mediums that are given positive reviews by business analysts in the most reputable business magazines. Now, there is no apparent problem with this approach of selection of medium of backup technology but it does not allow long term fulfillment of business needs, especially those of small and medium sized businesses.

A business must not regard the opinion of business experts as the ultimate decision maker but also do some research on the needs of the business. The first step should be to identify the nature of the business and the amount of data it needs to process. Finding an appropriate medium of backup technology is a relatively easier task for large scale businesses but rather a difficult one for small scale businesses. Small scale businesses should firstly identify that they are operating on a small level and do not have a lot of data processing needs therefore they require a medium that provides a reasonable amount of data storage capacity but at a good price.

One of the best choices for small scale businesses is HP LTO 2 tape. The basic features of the tape include a storage capacity of 200 GB for raw data; however, like most backup tapes this particular tape also supports a 2:1 compression rate and enhances the storage capacity to 400 GB.

The processing speed of the tape is 40 Megabytes? per second. This speed is sufficient to allow smooth processing of data without any disruptions and halts.

One of the unique features of ultrium 2 system that brought it in the limelight of the business world was its compact size. Before this lto2 tape by HP most backup tapes were very bulky and required a lot of room for storage. This bulky size also made it difficult for office personnel to move them around. HP LTO2 tape system was especially designed to overcome this problem of the businesses; it was created with the most advanced technology so that the size of the tape could be reduced dramatically. The idea was that the body of the tape is small so it is easy portable and can be stored even in less space without compromising the working efficiency of the tape.

HP LTO2 tape is a tape that is particularly built for small scale businesses therefore it is not priced very heavily. The manufacturers of the tape understood that one of the biggest constraints of small scale businesses is that of resources. So with this lto2 tape they wanted businesses to enjoy the perks of backup technology without suffering from any kind of financial pressure.

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