Zed O'Clock & Mastah Deg - MATHS TEACHER [prod. by MasterKraft] ArtworkFour female nursery teachers who were suspicious about their strange-smelling tea trained a hidden camera on their thermos flasks ? and discovered a cigarette-smoking colleague was urinating in them.

Chinese police arrested 54-year-old Gao Chao and took him to hospital where he was tested for infectious diseases.But they say the teacher committed no crime because he has a clean bill of health so his actions caused no harm.

According to Mailonline,?..
The man reportedly felt his female colleagues did not respect him enough, and was bitter at being passed over for the job of kindergarten boss.
But teacher Li Kao, 26, one of the four, said she was furious that police had simply given the man nothing more than a stern lecture and a warning not to do it again?She said..

?I first noticed there was a strange smell from my tea a few weeks ago after I returned to the class after taking the children out to play in the playground.The cups are not transparent, so it was hard to see if the liquid looked strange but there was certainly a strange smell which also came from the thermos flasks that the tea was stored in.
?I changed the flask and bought a new one but once I brought it to the kindergarten again I had the same problem with the strange smell.Eventually I discovered that my three colleagues had the same problem, and we thought perhaps somebody was putting something in the water.

?The women complained to kindergarten boss Qiu Li Shih, 37, who advised them to put a camera in the room.So they activated the camera on a mobile phone and put it in a basket filled with children?s toys.
Setting the trapThe video showed the man, who appeared to be smoking a cigarette, picking up one of the women?s brand new pink flasks and holding it close over his genitals while he contaminated her morning drink.


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