Tech Hubs in Lagos Asked to Pay Safety Tax

Tech Hub
Tech Hub

Lagos, one of Africa’s busiest tech hubs in Africa, is asking all tech hubs and co-working spaces in the city to pay an annual safety tax of ₦200,000 ($463) to the state government.

Reports say that tax law was made 11 years ago, but it is only now being enforced.

The Lagos State Commission (LSC) has said that the money will be applied to ensure public safety at the various tech hubs and co-working spaces across the city, in line with its legal mandate.

The Lagos State Safety Commission was established to “oversee matters relating to the safety of residents’ life and properties”. The commission has 16 departments, one of which is responsible for the safety audits that are about to sweep through the city’s tech hubs and co-working spaces.

The safety audit costs an annual documentation fee of ₦50,000 ($115.92), with an additional fee of ₦150,000($347.76) for certifications.

Starting this month, a private safety assessment company, Aquicorn Projects Limited, will work with the enforcing authorities to visit these hubs to identify potential hazards and recommend proper safety measures.

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