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Ten Reasons Why You Must Visit Keta-Anloga Tourism Hub This Easter

Keta Anloga Tourism Hub
A Tourism Hub in Ghana

“Once a year, you must visit a place you have never been before.” – Delai Lama.

Keta-Anloga is a unique tourism destination which is gradually becoming one of Ghana’s hidden tourist gems because of its tourist attractions coupled with its unique strategic location –a land between three water bodies, viz, the Volta River, the Keta Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.

Endowed with natural, historical, cultural and ecological resources, the Keta-Anloga Enclave is fast growing to become one of Ghana’s hot-bed for tourism activities and an alternative to the over-exploited ones across the country with too much human traffic. Keta-Anloga is the new-found tourism track, away from the old beaten track. If you’re looking for a new travel experience this Easter, look no further than Keta-Anloga.

Below are ten reasons why you need to visit this tourist paradise this Easter. You will never regret doing that. Let’s go know the reasons:

Reason #1: Keta Sea Defense Project Site:
Between the 1960s and 1980s, great portions of the town were ravaged by coastal erosion from Horvi, Kedzi, Vodza, Adzido and Keta. The Keta Sea Defense Project (KSDP) arguably the second largest coastal engineering works along Africa’s coast, was undertaken by the Government of Ghana to protect and stabilize the shoreline from Horvi to Keta.
A visit to the sea defense site will give you some history about a town which refused to succumb to the ravages of the sea. The Keta Sea Defense Project Site, is a must visit tourist attraction.

Reason #2: Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS):
The Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) is the largest Ramsar Site in Ghana, covering over 1.200sq km with the Keta Lagoon itself covering over 300 sq km. The Keta Lagoon together with the Avu and Angaw Lagoons make up the Keta-Avu-Angaw Lagoon Complex. This is home to migratory birds from Europe during winter.

Reason #3: Keta Fort Prinzenstein:
Fort Prinzenstein is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS). It is a piece of colonial relic and a sign of early contact with the European merchants. Built in 1874 by Danish merchants, it was first a small trade depot which was later converted into a slave transit point for shipment of slaves to the Americas and Caribbean islands like St John, St Thomas and St Croix, which are all now known as Virgin Islands.

Part of the Fort was destroyed by the raging sea waves in the early 1980s. The remaining part was saved through a sea protection defense wall as part of the Keta Sea Defense Project.

The fort has a beautiful history that is well told by the tour savvy guides at the Fort. This remaining piece of the Keta Fort is reminiscent of the early contact the people of Keta had with the Europeans. Wouldn’t you love to know the story of how our ancestors and the Danish-Norwegian participated in the infamous and inhuman transatlantic slave trade?

Reason #4: Early Missionaries Footprints, Old Buildings and Graves:
Keta had early contact with the Europeans and The North German Missionaries. There are several ancient buildings mostly by Europeans in Keta all of which are now in ruins but can be renovated and preserved as historical sites. These include churches, like the Bremen and the Catholic Missions, The American Methodist Episcopal (AME), old store houses and even missionary graveyards as well as those of some colonial District Commissioners. Many European merchants and missionaries who worked and died in Keta were buried there. One important tomb at Keta is that of Bishop Herman after whom Bishop Herman College at Kpando in the Volta Region was named. There is an Old Catholic convent – Keta Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) Convent that played a major role in the education of several Ghanaian women in high positions today, including the former First Lady Mrs. Theresa Kufuor.

Reason #5: Beautiful Golden Sparkling Beaches:
Are you a sand and sea lover? Do you want to spend some time at one of the neatest, well-kept and most pristine beaches in Ghana today, then come to Keta. You would enjoy the sea, the sand, the sun and the sound. You can swim in the sea, walk in the sand, do a workout, bathe in the sun, surf the waves and listen to the sound of the waves and seagulls or read a book while lying buried in the sand.

The beaches in Keta-Anloga are among the very best in Ghana with its golden, sparkling and pristine sands bordering the clear wavy blue sea and neat environs backed by lush coconut trees. Take a stroll on these beaches and watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening beyond the horizon. It is indeed, therapeutic! What a natural spectacle to behold and to enjoy!

Whatever your preference, there is something waiting for you at Keta beach. What a lifetime experience on the most fine-grained beach in Ghana! Take a breakaway from the bustle and hustle of the city life this Easter and head towards Keta.

Reason #6: The Cape St Paul Lighthouse:
Out the eight famous maritime lighthouses that dot the 550 km coast of Ghana, one beautifully dots the coast of Keta at Woe. This lighthouse made of steel is one of the only two steel lighthouses in the whole world. The second one is in Alpena, Chicago, USA. It is believed to be built around the same period as the Keta Fort. Its main duty was and is to direct ships at night because there exists an obvious undersea mountain off the coast of Woe. Remember that Cape St Paul itself is one of the two most important capes in Ghana. The second one is Cape Three Points in the Western Region. You can take a climb if you are not an agoraphobic person.

Reason #7: Great Local Delicacies.
Anlo-Ewe cuisine and gastronomy are among the finest in Ghana and the entire Africa. Keta is home to some top Ghanaian cuisines and delicacies. The most renown traditional Anlo food that you can enjoy in Keta is Akple and Fetridetsi or Akple and Abobitadi or Yakayeke, Abolo and fried fish and/stew. There is a gamut of other Anlo delicacies you can enjoy during your stay in Keta this Easter.
A trip to Keta is definitely your first experience to have a taste of the various assortments of delicacies Made in Keta.

Reason #8: Torkor Atorlia (The Fifth Landing Stage).
It is a site for punishing and banishing evil and executing evil doers, miscreants and outcasts in Anloland. It is a beautiful place with a great story of justice, justice system and judgement in Anloland that keeps the listeners on their toes.

Reason #9: Atorkor Slave Market:
Here is a slave monument, with the same importance as Salaga and Assin Manso Slave Markets in the northern and central regions of Ghana. It is believed to be the second largest slave market in Ghana during the peak of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. A place where slaves were sold to slave masters, by our forebears, the accomplices and collaborators in that heinous crime. A harrowing history awaits you there.
Reason #10: Cruise to Ada Estuary and Explore The Mangroves.

Enjoy a boat ride to the mouth of River Volta at Ada. Cruise through the mangroves and enjoy the exquisite natural ecosystem, one of the most diverse natural habitats and biodiversity. The portion of the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) is made up of open brackish body of water surrounded by flood plains, marshes and mangrove swamps rendering great ecosystem services to the indigenes of the area. This is a unique place for research in river deltas and biodiversity.

Bonus Reason #11: Great Hospitality and Service Par Excellence.
Arguably, Keta-Anloga Enclave is fast becoming the fastest growing tourism hub in Ghana. And to match with that growth, there is a growing number of first-class, world-class hospitality facilities dotted along the sea coast and beaches.

Do you want to experience the true meaning of hospitality of the people of Anlo through excellent customer services at any of the several hotels and resorts that are springing up in the area? Then, let’s take you to Keta and Anloga for a special treat this Easter. Facilities such as Agblor Lodge Beach Resort, Keta Lagoon Beach Hotel, Aborigines Beach Resort, Eli Boutique Hotel and Beach Resort, Meet Me There African Home Lodge, The Chills River Resort, Ashiata Ocean View Hotel, Splendid Hotel, Cereno Homes, Emancipation Beach Resort, etc. the household names of top class hospitality in the Keta-Anloga Tourism Hub. They meet any pocket from budget to luxury. Why not try my lie as our people do say!

This Easter in Keta-Anloga Enclave is going to be just unique. I have just given you more than enough reasons to believe that. Why not just pack your bag and head to Keta!

I am here to take you round this beautiful tourist destination in Ghana, Destination Keta-Anloga. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me for more details on booking.

Thank you.
JoelDegue, Tourism Development Consultant.

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