Terrorists hustling to subsist in E.Africa.

Gratification of wars between Kenya and Somalia borders have reached the highest points ever.
Billions of shillings have been spent by Kenyan army who fueled the tanks, cordons, war planes and paid the double payments of the big men, the military. Terrorists were heard hailing and wailing in the middle of the Acacia trees. Sources divulged the troth to our reporter who was on expedition that bombs exploded and rented between the air and the military bases of the Al-shabab.

Kenyan military however opened the upper thick cover of their eyes after lessons were displayed by Al-shabab men near Afmadow town in Southern Somalia.
The statures of wars don’t end in this part of Africa. Somalia youth are most unfortunate and they divided themselves into three categories.
The first group who were said were lucky live in Europe and America.
Second group joined Al-shabab and have ranks.
The third group are living a worthless life in Eastern African countries.
This generation languished and relived with one hope of joining the first group in Europe or America. They don’t condone with terrorists but hope without symptoms isn’t better than hopeless.

The perennial wars don’t make winners and some malfeasance cooperated all warriors. Al-shabab businessmen imposed micro-managements in Nairobi as a sign of the profit would keep the wars on.
Al-shabab con-tempted and promised to slaughter Muslims and non-muslims who oppose the radical business of Islam.

E.Africa’s reporter,
Nuune Gaabshe

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