THANK YOU + INVITATION to attend Class of 40 Bootcamp graduation party

Class Of Bootcamp Invite
After four eventful weeks, our Bootcamp finally comes to a close and we would like to thank everyone who participated as a speaker, student or sponsor for making it the success that it was. It meant the world to us, so much so that finding the right words to express our satisfaction was a challenge.
“When this whole program was just an idea, the main goal was to help up-and-coming talents in Ghana push their careers to the next level through a mentorship program from industry moguls. Even with the death of my business partner Steve Osagie – God bless his soul – I knew he would want to push on to help the youth”, Coco Arya shares, founder of COÈLLE•LDN/Class of 40 Bootcamp.

We’re glad to see we’ve successfully achieved this dream. Every student that came loved the speakers and applied their teachings to their careers and submitted assignments to prove this. We have created something that will forever remain in the artist development space, changing the lives of artists/creatives and constantly giving them hope. We aim to do this thrice a year with a concert at the end of the year.

We want to INVITE you to the graduation party for the #CO4B students. We would love your presence and to show support for pushing the culture forward! The details are as follows:

📍Agenda Bar, Accra, Ghana – opposite Lizzy Sports Complex
🗓 18th November – TOMORROW
Free entry, free Parking, free shots

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