The ?30 Commandments? Given To The Late Prof. Mills




The ?Book of T.B. Joshua?, Chapter 24 vrs. 7 ? 68 and J.J. Rawlings said to the late Atta Mills; I am the man who plucked you from obscurity to make you a vice president and president respectively;

1.Thou shall not fail to consult me 24 hrs a day as promised, for you would always be criticised and be seen as a traitor, if not a perceived enemy.

2.Thou shall not associate thyself with such opportunities like the Ahwois, Obengs, Obeds, and Tsikatas and leave me behind, for they shall forever dictate to you.

3.Thou shall not force thyself into African politics if you were not born a natural politician, for you would visit your ancestors before your God-given time.

4.Thou shall not be power drunk and hang unto power, for those who do that are either assassinated or plunge their country into civil wars.

5.Thou shall not make thy intention to hand over power in 2017, for only God knows what would happen tomorrow.

6.Honour Jerry Rawlings and his wife so that you may live long, for ingratitude does not pay.

7.Remember June 4 and give it a befitting ceremony, for every Ghanaian knows how you celebrated it whilst in opposition.

8.Thou shall not surround thyself with ?greedy bastards? as you may end at the Maternity Ward of 37 Military Hospital at the point of your death.

9.Thou shall not trust the vice president, John ?Armajaro? Mahama, for he would always wish that God gives power to the younger generation.

10.Thou shall not pay unnecessary judgement debts to undeserved people as the taxpayers will forever curse you and your collaborators.

11.Thou shall not engage in ?Azonto? dance when your health is suspect, for you can never deceive nature as ?Azonto? dance are meant for the able-bodied people.

12.Thou shall not engage in politics of lies and propaganda to win elections, for the economic hardship will make your ?Better Ghana? agenda useless.

13.Thou shall not call thyself ?Asomdweehene?, for that accolade is only reserved for the Almighty God.

14.Thou shall not build ?token? mansions and misapply public funds with your ministers, for you might leave them behind one day.

15.Thou shall not portray thyself as holier than the Pope, for the circumstances under which Kofi Sam was conceived and born could expose you.

16.Thou shall not see thyself as a ?man of peace?, for the pockets of violence in Atiwa, Chereponi, Akwatia, Agobloshie, and the various registration centres could prove otherwise.

17.Thou shall not challenge the authority of John Rawlings, for what happened to the late Kow Nkensen Arkaah is a testimonial evidence for all to see.

18.Always bear in mind that a thorough investigation awaits your death, for the untimely deaths of Ya-Na, Issah Mobillah, and Roko Frimpong did not go un-investigated during your time as president.

19.Do not over drink coffee supplied by John Mahama when you feel tired as Yutong bus driver, for you may be involved in fatal accident at the Slave Castle.

20.Do not refer to some regions as your 1st and 2nd homes, for that could set the tone for tribal wars in the country.

21.Thou shall not buy 4 balls of kenkey without fish, for you would undermine the authority of the Office of the President.

22.Thou shall not vow to burn Ghana like Kenya, for you would die before such diabolic agenda materialises.

23.Thou shall not die because of the Woyomegate, Mutakagate, Mould-Iddrisugate, Ayarigagate, Nketiagate, Bissiwgate, for Ghanaians would still retrieve their money from such people, come January 7, 2013.

24.Thou shall not worship T.B. Joshua and make him your godfather, for you were created by the Almighty God and not T.B. Joshua.

25.Thou shall not sack Hon. Martin Amidu for his quest to unveil corruption in your government, for mother Ghana needs such money for development.

26.Thou shall not give thyself 80% mark for your own achievements within three months, for that would make people take you for granted.

27.Thou shall not pronounce economy as ?ecomini?, Muntaka as ?Musaka?, Obama as ?Omama?, Otumfuo as ?Ofuntuo?, for people would begin to question your academic prowess.

28.Thou shall not deceive the people of Dagbon and Western Region, Ghanaian women, and unemployed graduates, for they would vote against your party as they see you as a big liar.

29.Thou shall not increase the National Debt from GHC9.6bn to GHC25.3bn within 3 years, for that could plunge the country to HIPC status for the second time.

30.Thou shall not deceive Ghanaians about ?unprecedented achievements?, for you might end up with ?unprecedented death?.

Folks, the above were the Commandments which the late John Fiifi Atta Mills, like the Israelites, failed to comply with. As to what happened to those Israelites who refused to obey such Commandments, the sudden demise of the late Ghanaian President, John Fiifi Mills is a yardstick for all to measure the effects of such disobedience.

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, Hull. UK.
A native of Asante Bekwai-Asakyiri
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?Vision, coupled with persistency, results in true success

Source : By Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang (a.k.a. Paulucious)

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