The $900,000 Mercedes Brabus G63 For Sulley Muntari


muntari WOW: Sulley Muntari with his brand new Mercedes Brabus G63, priced at $900,000. muntari

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Since 2013, AC Milan and Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari has owned a garage in Milan that does an assortment of things to or with very, very, very fancy cars. That probably explains why so many pictures exist of?Muntari and his friends posing in front of outrageous cars. Marketing is important for businesses.

But sometimes standing in front of a car takes things a step too far. Sometimes it makes you realize: wait, we may have a problem. There?s a difference between whoops, there?s a car behind me, or here?s a picture of me at the Pollo Tropical drive-thru, or here?s my camouflage jeep and ?Holy sweet baby Jesus what is that monstrosity behind you holy damn soccer players make too much damn money Serie A players don?t deserve this.?

Muntari might have taken things too far when he stood in front of this:

The Milan midfielder is standing in front of a Mercedes Brabus G63 AMG 6?6, a car I?ve never even heard of before or seen, probably because I lead a reasonable life. Apparently, once you hit a certain salary point, the Car Gods start offering cars that aren?t accessible to standard civilians.

This particular six-wheeled Mercedes is priced at approximately $900,000. I haven?t been able to confirm whether that price point includes roadside assistance. Nevertheless, $900,000 cars are a thing. I did not know that. Then again, I?ve never seen an episode of Top Gear, nor will I ever.

Here?s a different angle of Muntari?s new ride.

Here?s a video of some dudes driving this monstrosity down stairs. Because of course you?d drive this down the stairs.

(Note: A person who would drive this down the stairs would probably literally murder someone for screwing up a food order ? by running over them in this monster car.)

It seems that Muntari just bought himself the perfect city car. Good for him. Sure, he could have probably bought Parma instead, but a man of his stature needs an anonymous way to get around town.

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