The achievement of ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ hinges on attitudinal change


Ghana Beyond Aid is about transforming our economy and growing out of dependency mindset by using our own resources to drive our development and economic transformation.

However, Aid and any external support will have to supplement and be guided by our own efforts.

The Ghana Beyond Aid vision should be owned collectively by all Ghanaians and be driven from the highest political level, so that every government will remain committed to it.

To achieve this, the office of the Senior Minister Hon. Yaw Osafo-Marfo, organized the Ghana Beyond Aid Committee’s stakeholder consultation on the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter and Strategy document with Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) at Alisa Hotel on Tuesday, 8th October, 2019.

In his presentation on the strategy document, Mr. Osafo-Marfo, noted that,
there will be the Ghana Beyond Aid Council which will oversee the implementation of the vision, there will be a 17-Member Council with the following recommended representatives;

A. Chair of the Council: The President of the Republic

B. 3 Vice-Chairs: (1) A representative of the largest Opposition Party in Parliament; (2) the head of the Trades Union Congress, representing Labour; and (3) the Head of the Employers Association

C. 5 representatives from Government, including the Minister for Finance

D. 8 representatives from outside of Government, including: Business, Chiefs, Faith-Based Organizations (Christian/Muslim), Academia, Think Tanks/Civil Society, a person representing all opposition political parties other than the largest opposition party in Parliament, and a Youth representative (NUGS).

The Senior Minister, also disclosed that, there shall be a Ghana Beyond Aid Secretariat to support the Council, where the Secretariat will have a responsibility to develop parameters of the various indicators in order to track progress under the Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda.

“The Secretariat should be financed jointly by Government, Labour and the Private Sector. The staff of the Secretariat will include persons seconded from the National Development Planning Commission, the Ghana Statistical Service and other experts,” he said.

According to him, “The NDPC is a constitutional creation with the mandate of development planning. There is the need for strong functional linkages between national development planning and the Ghana Beyond Aid Secretariat.”

Mr. Osafo-Marfo, emphasized that, the
Ghana Beyond Aid is about efficient and effective mobilisation of own resources and deploying same in a transparent manner to areas which have multiplier effect on national development.

He however, underscored the need for various policy and institutional reforms for economic transformation. Saying that, “Ghana Beyond Aid request a new mindset and commitment to do things differently by all social partners. We can achieve a W.I.S.E.R Society if we all play our part.”

The Hon. Minister further intimated that,
Ghana is a resource-rich nation with considerable endowment in natural resources and human capital, and when these resources are well harnessed and deployed creatively in a transparent manner, they should catalyse Ghana’s economic development rapidly.

“This is the reason why Ghana was seen as a country of great potential when we attained independence in 1957. After 62 years of independence, Ghana is still seen as having the potential to advance economically.

The natural question therefore arises; what should we do to actualise our potential of becoming a prosperous and self-reliant nation, taking into account the many resources which are available to us as a nation?

Through Ghana Beyond Aid, we are seeking to find collectively, practical ways of unleashing the embedded potential of Ghana and the people of Ghana so that we can together become a: “prosperous and self-confident Ghana that is in charge of her economic destiny; a transformed Ghana that is prosperous enough to be beyond needing aid, and that engages competitively with the rest of the world through trade and investment.”

“This noble aspiration is attainable if we collectively embrace a new mindset and embark on a journey to prosperity.

Aid has played an important role in our national development. However, as a country, we need more than aid to expedite economic transformation to the desired level.

We should vigorously maximize revenue generation both from domestic and external sources while marshaling all forces to clamp down on all forms of corruption,” he said.

The Senior Minister, further reiterated that, there is the need for a renewed mindset and resolve to break the cycle of dependency, especially, through modernization of agriculture and accelerated industrialisation.

Adding that, “It is important to highlight that the vision of attaining a ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ is not aimed at isolating Ghana from the comity of nations and development partnerships.

Ghana Beyond Aid is not anti-aid or
aid rejection. It is rather about being more efficient and effective in how we mobilize and use our resources.

It requires that we set our development priorities right so that our creative energies and resources, including aid, can all be deployed to fast-track our economic transition from an under-developed country to a confident and self-reliant nation.

As Ghanaians, we have the primary responsibility to build our country. However, business as usual will
not bring new results. Therefore, the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter is calling for a fundamental change in our attitudes and work ethics so that we can boost productivity.

As a people, we need to adhere to laws and regulations because the cost of non-compliance undermines development significantly. It is in this context that the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter becomes more critical.

The Charter outlines the foundational changes which are required from all stakeholders in development
to drive and expedite our march towards economic self-reliance.

As Government calls on the citizenry to embrace a new and productive approach to work and nation building, there is the need for corresponding commitment from those who have been entrusted with the leadership and resources of the state.

It is the expectation that this vision of Ghana Beyond Aid will engender fresh commitment and partnership between Government and the citizenry, as we build collectively, a prosperous nation using our God-given resources for the good of all.”

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