Dabbling in real estate can be very rewarding but, truth be told, if it were easy, we would all have already profited from it. There are so many twists and turns and intricacies one has to navigate when investing in real estate. Could there be a way to do it easier? The answer is real estate mentoring. Everyone benefits from real estate mentoring – the mentor, the mentee, and the organizations involved. This is why many real estate firms have adopted and are now benefiting from real estate mentoring programs. Here are a few ways by which you, as the one being mentored, will benefit from real estate mentoring:

Wealth of experience

When you work with a mentor, you gain access to knowledge and know-how gleaned from many years of experience that you might not have. Your mentor will have been around to make some mistakes and learn from them.

When he passes these lessons on to you, you ar saved from having to make the same mistakes again.

When you work with a mentor, you will be exposed to different techniques you’ve never heard of and the various twists and turns to these techniques. A good mentor will be able to explain each and every one of these techniques and will be able to show you how to apply them in an appropriate buying, selling, or investing situation. Don’t keep mum when you don’t understand something; your mentor is not a mind reader. You should feel free to ask your mentor to elaborate, explain, and give an example of the theories he is teaching you. It is okay to question and comment. Above all, listen well and learn.

Avoiding common pitfalls

The world of real estate is full of misconceptions. It is a game that will be tough for an inexperienced player to navigate alone. Real estate mentoring gives you the advantage of having someone to guide you through the common pitfalls so you don’t have to fall into any. A competent real estate mentor will be able to help you through business planning, creating your portfolio, and problematic rental scenarios. He will assist you in building a good exit strategy, help you acquire inspection permits and other important documentations, guide you through paperwork, give you an accurate appraisal of any property, and teach you not to purchase too quickly so as to avoid buyer’s remorse. A good real estate mentor will show you all the tricks of the trade.


Trying to find your way through the real estate maze might prove too tough to do alone. This is where the mentor will really come in handy. A competent real estate mentor will take you under his wing and guide you through the process of real estate investing. When you’re unsure about your next move or the choices you’re contemplating, he will give you his best suggestion backed with years of experience and insider information. If you make a mistake, he will teach you how to correct it or compensate for it. The real estate mentoring process doesn’t stop when the program ends. A good real estate mentor will be able to teach you in such a way that you’ll always be learning.

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