The Average Ghanaian Can Not Afford A Square Meal


PoliticsAs a matter of fact, I was wondering so much about the apparent refusal of? our Muslim, Christian and traditional leaders to fully involve themselves in the Ghanaian Politics by putting our Politicians on their toes to effectively making the standard of living of the average Ghanaian better. Politicians have never abandoned our religious leaders whenever they are looking for power from the good people of Ghana.

You will see them going to Churches, Mosques and Palaces all over the country to make their intentions known which clearly shows our religious leaders also have a major role to play in our Ghanaian? Politics.

It is about time they put our Politicians on their toes to do what is expected of them because ?Politics? is a noble vacation aimed at raising leadership for human development and like the good shepherd, a leader must be ready to make sacrifices for his followers and also to solve problems confronting mother Ghana and ?its good citizens and not amassing wealth for themselves and their families.

Looking at the current economic hardships confronting us as a nation blessed with a lot of natural resources and yet the average Ghanaian can not afford a square meal and some Politicians who acquire some high positions show no mercy for mother Ghana and the suffering masses in discharging their duties.Huge sums of money go down the drain for nothing and Politicians see nothing wrong with it and can boldly stand chest up to defend their corrupt practices.

Monies donated for guinea fowl project to benefit our brothers in the North ended up benefiting people in Burkina Faso. Monies donated for tree plantation project in the North ended up in somebody?s ?pocket. We have once heard a judgement debt paid to undeserved persons which a judge termed as create, loot and share.It is sad when you watch the ongoing commission of enquiry proceedings on GTV and you look at the revelations coming up, one may be tempted to ask, is it true that Ghana is a poor country?

Our religious leaders must come together and speak their minds without fear or favour so that our Politicians will not use them as a? Political Animal.If? I may ask, why is it that with the number of Churches , Mosques and Palaces in Ghana and the increasing fervor of evangelism, corruption has taking a centre stage ?in? our? country?s Politics? like a canker worm and continues to destroy our beloved and only country Ghana ?

Our religious leaders must assert its more authority on the Politics of the nation.Any leader that fails to advocate and promote change is redundant and as such they must create a positive impact on our government.That is what Jesus Christ, Holy Prophet Mohammed and other religious leaders did.They have to rise up to challenge the moral, Political and social depravity in the country.They must? raise the consciousness of the people to make the right choice whenever it is time for elections.

BY: Michael Kessey (SPORTS ANALYST)

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