The Bachelorette Boxing Match Ends In Fatality


the-bachelorette-week-2-boxing-match-leaves-one-guy-hospitalizedKaitlyn Bristowe went on her first dates with her suitors in the second week of ?The Bachelorette? season 11. In the episode which aired Monday, May 25, she took eight guys, Daniel, Ben H., Justin, Tanner, Kupah, Corey, Jared and Ben Z., to a boxing ring where they learnt to fight from Laila Ali.

After some training sessions, they guys had one-on-one sudden death matches. Ben Z. emerged as a victor, knocking Jared down. Jared had a concussion and ended up being sent to hospital. Ben Z., meanwhile, got to spend some alone time with Kaitlyn, during which he shared his story about losing his mom to cancer when he was 14 years old.

During an after-party for the group date, Jared disobeyed his doctor?s order to get some rest and surprised Kaitlyn at the restaurant. He told her how much he liked her and they kissed. The group date rose, however, went to Ben Z.

Next was the one-on-one date with Clint. They headed to another mansion for an underwater photo shoot and they kissed in the pool. It was followed with a romantic dinner and Clint got a rose.

For the second group date, Kaitlyn met Chris, Ian, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Joshua and Tony at the Improv Comedy Club where they also met Amy Schumer. The guys had to perform stand-up, but Tony ended up delivering an odd and serious speech.

JJ talked about his 3-year-old daughter during a chat with Kaitlyn. They kissed, but then Joe also had a kiss with the bachelorette. The group date rose went to JJ.

At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, the guys agreed that the three men (Cory, Ryan B., and Shawn) who didn?t get to go on dates with Kaitlyn this time could get some alone time with her first. But JJ angered other contestants when he stole her away. JJ later told the other guys, ?I know I?m the most hated man in the house, but I?m not sorry.?

Kupah, meanwhile, made things awkward as he accused Kaitlyn of not paying enough attention to him and keeping him just to meet a ?quota.? He told her, ?I don?t want to be here any longer than I have to be if I?m the minority guy that fills a quota.? Kaitlyn called him out for ignoring her during their group date.

She then told him, ?To be honest, I actually felt a connection til right now,? and Kupah tried to backtrack, but Kaitlyn said she had to let him go. He thought it was ?unfair? and they continued having an argument. Kupah had a meltdown during an exit interview and Kaitlyn ran outside to go after him. The episode ended there and the rose ceremony will be included in next week?s episode.



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