?The Bachelorette? season 11 gets even more dramatic with its each new episode. The latest episode which aired Monday, June 22 opened with Kaitlyn Bristowe responding to Ian?s diss after he called her ?a surface-level person? and deemed her ?shallow.?

Trying to keep her cool, she told Ian, ?I am not as deep of a person as you are. It doesn?t mean that I am surface level and that there is not more to me than you know. Do I like humor? Absolutely. Have I seen that in you? No, not really. You haven?t seen my deeper side.? Before sending him home, she said, ?I?m really disappointed in how you just approached that.?

Ian was still overly confident with himself when leaving the mansion in a limo. ?Seeing how badly Kaitlyn has been at ?The Bachelorette?, I feel like I know what it takes to be the Bachelor,? he claimed. ?I think I?m destined to be the Bachelor and destined to find love on that show.? He added, ?If I was made the Bachelor I think they would come out of the woodwork. They?d be like, ?I wanna go out with that guy! He?s so deep.? ?

Kaitlyn also sent home Joshua and Justin in the rose ceremony. Joshua took it in stride as saying, ?I tried. She knows what she wants, and it?s not me she?s interested in.? Meanwhile, the remaining guys celebrated that they were going to Dublin, Ireland.

Nick got the one-on-one date in Ireland. They strolled through a park where he learnt about her fear of birds. He bought her rings and they made out a lot. After a candlelit dinner in a pristine church, she gave him a rose and invited him to her hotel room, to which he said yes.

Things were getting hot inside her room. Though the cameras didn?t show what happened, Kaitlyn could be heard moaning. In the morning, Kaitlyn admitted, ?Waking up in the morning, I?m definitely feeling guilt. I don?t necessarily feel guilty about the act. It?s more just guilt from caring about other relationships that I have. I?ve never dated this many guys and had to feel this guilt. And now I do.? Nick, meanwhile, didn?t exactly tell the other guys that he had sex with Kaitlyn, but he boasted about their ?intimate? night.

Next was a group date with Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn, Jared, Ben H. and Chris. They were acting as if Kaitlyn were dead and they attended her funeral, complete with the Bachelorette lying in a coffin. Dressed in suits, the guys delivered eulogies.

Tanner?s speech was one of the most memorable ones. She praised ?beautiful? Kaitlyn, ?but all we ever did was date in groups. She made me dress up and jump through hoops. How am I still here? Nobody knows. Hell, I?m even surprised that I got a rose.? He reminded people of his name.

Chris sang, while Ben H. said Kaitlyn ?was plucked to death? during a walk ?on a nice September afternoon.? Shawn joked that Kaitlyn took her own life after spending a day with Nick. Ben Z. got emotional as he got reminded of his mother?s death when he was 14, and he asked the others to leave the room so that he could deliver his eulogy.

Jared got the group date rose and Shawn wasn?t happy about it. ?She?d rather have Jared than me? That?s bulls**t. Absolutely bulls**t,? he said. ?It?s going to drive me away and ruin something that could be amazing.? He admitted that he couldn?t bear the thought that Kaitlyn would ?bang two other dudes? during the Fantasy Suite dates and decided to talk to Kaitlyn about it.

As he showed up in her room, Kaitlyn was worried that he?s going to confront her about what happened with Nick. ?It?s going to kill me if Shawn tells me he doesn?t want to be with me anymore because of one stupid f***ing mistake. ? I didn?t want to do it if I knew it would cause me problems. I never would have done it. I don?t want to do this anymore,? she tearfully said.

The episode ended before showing Kaitlyn?s conversation with Shawn.


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