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The Barbaric Murder Of Efiri Alfred Timi


Comr. Fanti B. Covenant by introduction, who is from Ojobo federated community, studying in the diaspora has bitterly reacted to the death of Mr. Efiri Alfred Timi and called for the immediate arrest of the Amanana-owei of Ojobo Community (Mr. Ujor Perake) and his militant group for the barbaric and inhuman act.image1

He reacted “What a story that touched so much? I thought the people leaving in my community (Ojobo town, Bururtu Local Government Area, Delta State) are God created human beings, but they are not. This is the only community that does not want educated, vibrant and articulated people to rule or serve them, but they rather prefer blind and wicked people with archaic brains. During the communal general election 2014. I came out openly to the social media and seriously campaigned for people that are creative, educated, talented and submissive. But both old and young paid their deft ears to me and voted for people that are mellow, shallow and down to the imbecilic group and especially a criminal as the Amanana-owei of Ojobo community. Ojobo town is the only lawless society that has Amanana-owei while the crowned King is still alive, and the so called Amanana-owei (Ujor Perake) is carrying out all the duties of the crown King, just because they does not value the King.

He lamented Amanana-owei they voted in has a lot of criminal cases on ground, he is one of the top arm-robbers in the riverine area in the state, he is the leader of the militant group operating in the community, and he is using the militants to intimidate both men and women, while the Nigerian Police force is there. No wonder, former Executive Chairman/Amanana-owei (Gabriel Benede) says, the people in the community are animals.

Recently, the Amana-owei and his militant group bit Mr. Timi Alfred Efiri to death without good reason than the fabricated allegation thrown against him by the serving Vice-Amanana-owei (Gana Foukeregha) that Mr. Timi Alfred Efiri allegedly gang-up to Kidnap him and there was no Police report, no proper investigation Fanti said.

He continued “they killed him just because they believed that nobody can challenge or do anything from the deceased?s family.

I hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria, Delta State Government, Judiciary, Military, Police, State Security Service and all security agencies to be deeply involved and arrest the Amanana-owei (Mr. Ujor Perake), the Vice-Amanana-owei (Gana Foukeregha) and all the members of the militant group in the community that participated in this evil act within a short period of time before things get out of hand fanti called.

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