The computer industry is growing in leaps and bounds. People trained in computers can now enjoy the widest availability of jobs as time goes on. The more a person trained in various computer skills, the wider his opportunity to grab a job that pays well. In this highly competitive world, landing in a safe and satisfying job is really difficult. If you are a computer savvy, then don?t worry. Opportunities are waiting at your door steps. Just wake up from the dream and face the reality.

The computer industry can offer a job based on your skills and requirement. From average paying jobs to high paying jobs, you can find a wide array of opportunities. In this article we will discuss about some of the computer related jobs that have great demand in the industry.

Computer animation careers ? This is one of the more creative sides of the computer career. If you have the passion for designing and creating animated characters in 2D and 3D formats, then you can become a computer animator or graphic designer. Along with passion, you should have a computer animation degree or short term course completed certificate. Animation professionals can create movies, video games, advertisements, web pages etc.

Network administrator – Those who are interested in designing, setting up and maintaining networks can opt for this job. If you have a CCNA or MCSE certificate, you can apply for this position. This job has high demand in the industry. There is a need for people who can set up, trouble shoot and maintain household and corporate networks. When fresher administrators will get a medium income, experienced hands can expect bigger pay packages.

Technical support – If you are familiar with computers, computer software and computer hardware, then you can become a good technician.

By being in the position of help desk technician, you can help a single end-user or a company with so many computers and networks. If you have a basic understanding about computer and related services, you can become an online technical support person or an offline technical support person.

One of the online tech support providing companies is How online tech support system works? The companies give online support to various product brands and tech devices. They provide troubleshooting assistance to customers over the phone or by directly accessing the client?s system with permission. Some of the additional services provided for computers include antivirus installation, registry cleaning and driver updates. The services provided by online tech support companies ranges from communication devices to music players and computer peripherals to accessories.

Programmer or software developer- If you know to develop and maintain computer software, then you can become a software programmer. According to your proficiency in the basic computer languages you can become a junior developer, a senior developer or a computer engineer.
System analyst or QA checker- In this job, the system analyst has to test all the features of a product. They have to report about the difficulties they are facing while using a product. Any quality or usability issues will be addressed by the QA checker.

System engineer ? The system engineering post can be divided into software development engineer, hardware engineer and network engineer. As this is one of the top most jobs in a company, only highly skilled people will be considered to this position.

Database developers – Database developers have to create database and implement it. Those who know database programming languages and techniques can apply for this job. This high profile job will give more income, based on performance.

The budding computer industry can offer many more jobs than the above listed. Join a computer course in which you are interested in and become a qualified computer professional.

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