I am really not a fan of letter writing but it seems its the order of the day now to write open letters to address certain issues. This is not only to advocate for better treatment of fans by celebrities, but also to aid some these celebrities to be able to re-integrate into society after the ?stars life? since most of them are just overnight celebs.
I am yet to come across any Ghanaian fan fainting at a concert because they?ve seen their favorite celeb or artiste on stage perform. But I have seen on countless occasions celebs in town or public places with people around pretending not to have noticed them (maybe they are invisible to the public eye). Anytime I encounter such a situation, I begin to wonder and ask myself, ?so who are those who scream and shout when they are on stage?? Even right after their performances they pass by with fans just quietly watching from a distance.

So I went fishing for answers and most people gave one particular answer while just a hand full of them attribute it to them being shy. But as for the majority, all they say is ?Ghanaian celebs are too known? (of course they are celebs what do you expect?). Anyway, I decided to put myself in the shoes of these aggrieved fans after I witnessed some celebs openly snub fans leaving them with a container full of shame and embarrassment to carry.

Assuming I have been a fan from the days you were just an underground act. I have pictures of you in my room since your ?Rawlings Chain? days till today (wondering: where your neck pass?). Been at your every show, even shows with just five of us as your audience. Then it wasn?t much of an economic stress until you blew up. Now the least I got to pay to see you is Ghc 50.00 so I start saving like a month ahead of your shows so I don?t miss out. I lose my voice after your every performance because I scream the loudest (sometimes it?s a lonely venture). My greatest dream has always been to get the chance to talk to you and a Kodak moment with would definitely be the icing on the cake. So my luck shines one day when my ?house spirits? were not watching. I get the chance to go backstage and there you were, face to face, looking at me. It?s just normal at that stage to pinch myself to make sure its not dream. ?Boss I beg I wan take a pic with you?.

I remember vividly the look in his eyes as he looked at me for a few seconds and walked away without a word. Heard a lady he was with ask him if he knew me. And then he said it: ?It?s just a fan?. What did I say wrong? Was it my phone that put him off? But why that look? I couldn?t control the tears that filled my eyes. With such a badly bruised ego, I immediately changed my status to an EX-FAN. One fan lost.

I am very popular guy in my neighborhood. After our normal Sunday morning football match, I narrate my ordeal to my peeps who were uncontrollably outraged since they knew my obsession with your music. Some insults definitely go flow. Twenty-two fans lost.

Opinion: The Celebrity Snub Im Only A Fan

I know my friends very well. They never keep their mouths shut and it was obvious they were not going to remain quiet on this since you were the topic for the rest of the morning (hope they don?t take you to church).
Back to reality now since you can do the maths of the number of fans this celeb would lose by the close of the first day.
I wont advice on celeb-fan relationship. I wont even suggest ways you can relate well with fans. But I think its prudent to remind you that your fans got you to the place you are today (which is just a temporary state) and they have the power to bring you back home. Even if they don?t do it and Karma does it for them, you?ll see how lonely this world can be. Maybe you can seek counsel from those already in that state. (Humphrey Sowa)



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