The Childhood flight of imagination Part 1


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I logged on to my face book page, going through profiles and pictures of friends when a new friend request alert popped up. The name Ben Mensah sounded familiar but I couldn?t make the face out. I went through his photo album, the only boy who made friends with Mary the Nerd. The last time I set my eyes on him was when we were 13; social media has a way of making you a private investigator. His status boldly read ?In a relationship? and what was I expecting after so many years. We started chatting and catching up on old times and exchanged numbers.

I heard my phone ringing but I was too tired to answer the call after a stressful day in the office. I returned the missed call later; lo and behold it was Ben, asking me out on a dinner date the next day. I declined initially but later accepted after the tempting offer to be my personal chef for the night. The main problem was what to wear; I got into my closet and stood there for more than 30 minutes; finally got a cute dress, ?the little black dress?. I couldn?t sleep that night as I tossed and turned in the bed. Memories of old school days flashed through my mind, I was dying to see him and catch up.

It took more than 3 hours to get dressed; I was so nervous, besides, I really wanted to look perfect. The door bell rang and my heart missed a beat. When I opened it, Ben looked like a groom about to go for his bride. He hugged me tight and said with a bold, deep, rough voice ?you look breath taken?. My heart started beating very fast and loud, I bet I heard the sound of my heart beat; thank God for my black skin I would have turned pink.

We got to his house and as a gentleman he opened the car door and ushered me into his living room. It was just perfect, I made myself comfortable in his couch and he turned on a soft music, the ambience was just ideal and I couldn?t hold myself. He served me with a glass of red wine as we walked to the dining area, perfect lighting with candles and flowers. He took off his jacket and you could see his broad chest through the tight shirt, God have mercy. The food was on point and the dessert was an icing on the cake. I just couldn?t believe I was on a date with a (damsel) after going through a break up, Ben was so different from my ex and it felt like a dream.

We moved to the living room to watch a movie and he cuddled me, I wasn?t watching the movie since I couldn?t concentrate, he turned and looked at me and said, ?You are the most beautiful girl and you have been my first crush from childhood?. I couldn?t swallow my saliva and words couldn?t come out of my mouth, all I really wanted to say was TAKE ME.

He leaned over and stared straight into my eyes, held my chin up, his mouth drawing closer to mine. I said to myself ?No Risk No Reward?. I kissed him and he held me tightly and kissed me back passionately and he tasted like sweet wine mixed with milk. He held my waist and grabbed me firmly and I was on cloud nine.

All of a sudden someone screamed?.the door was not locked, his girl friend had entered the room?OMG what have I done, I freaked out and at that point I felt dirty and was so ashamed of myself. We both sat quietly. She screamed out loud and was really out of control, ranting and using abusive words. She walked towards me and raised her hand in an attempt to slap me, he held her and she cried uncontrollably, Ben also had tears in his eyes.

I picked my purse to leave and I heard a voice, I turned and the words from Ben hit me in an unexpected way, he said ?Mary don?t leave, I don?t want to lose you again not after so many years? What?

His girl friend Jane freaked out and I could see so much pain in her eyes. She was furious but, he managed to hold her hands and remorsefully said  ?Jane am sorry I hurt you, I?m sorry it has to be this way, please find a place in your heart to forgive me but I love Mary?.

I thought it was a soap opera but it was really happening. He knelt infront of her in tears and Jane looked at him with so much contempt and disgust, a heavy slap from her, she spat on him and finally walked away. He looked at me and said; ?I love you too much to let you walk away??I stood there dumbfounded, tears flowing freely. How could I have done this to another woman?.

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