The Common Ghanaian Matters Too



For our country’s sake, I will not be quiet until our leaders recognize the plight of the common Ghanaian whose vote gave them their mandate to occupy that ‘’juicy’’ office. Our leaders have failed to be accountable to their own men as a result of ‘’ Chop make I Chop’’ politics. Truth is for sale and in the end the majority of the population is left to starve whereas ‘’ Oga’’ and his people have enough to spare.

Where is our Minister of Education? A few weeks ago, Senior High School students acquiring knowledge and skills in the Three Northern Regions were compelled to make unscheduled visit home as result of food shortage. Again, the learning environment in most schools does not facilitate effective teaching and learning process.

A typical example is the Visual Art Department of Amasaman Senior High School. The classes have poor lighting system, poor ventilation and not spacious enough to enhance movement. Did we bargain for this? We were promised Heaven on Earth but they have given us bread and butter in return. You can’t enjoy the overall monopoly in determining how we live. Quality education is what we signed for. A right delayed is a right denied.
Let’s set the record straight. How many Ghanaian children have access to education?

The inability of ones parent to support the child financially implies that the child’s dream as far as education is concerned is shattered. No one is born a ‘’demon ‘’. We create demons when we fail to protect that innocent Ghanaian kid. We work earnestly, pay taxes and we treated as slaves in our country by our fellow country men. As ugly as it may sound ‘’these people’’ have no respect for humanity. We recall ‘’me ma mo chalk ene me ma mo chalk okyena’’ utterance. (I will neither give you chalk today nor tomorrow). Yes she did apologize, but I bet she meant every word she said. It is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Use invectives on us’’ Na yen so ye mmre beba’’

Patience moves mountains.

Where is Madam Attivor? Of course am looking for ‘’small madam” to tell her we (Ghanaians) have gone past tribal politics. No one cares of your tribal affiliation or your political status. The good people of this country cannot be subject to’’ slavery’’ as result of your own actions or inactions. You betrayed us when you prioritize yourself to the neglect of your own country. ‘’Betrayal begets betrayal’’. We can’t atone for sins committed by another soul. We are Ghanaians ‘first’ before belonging to any race. One people, one nation with a common goal. We seek accountability not excuses. We loathe tribal politics.

Can we let our brothers and sisters in tertiary institutions study effectively without burdening them with unwarranted utility bills? The purpose of governance is to ensure that not only the legitimate interests of the few are protected but the welfare and rights of many are also conserved. We can’t extend a helping hand to sister nations when we fail to give our own people what they are rightfully entitled to.

I hail the government with respect to water supply. Eighty percent (80%) of Ghanaians have access to safe water. However, only thirteen percent have access to improved sanitation.

Inhabitants in the rural areas depend on unsafe water source hence an increase in water borne diseases. As I sit twenty-five percent of all deaths in children below age five is attributed to diarrhea. “When a warrior is destined to be killed by a horny animal, it doesn’t mean he could be threatened by a snail”. We can’t continue to lose lives as result of minute diseases. It is appalling and really sickening when a Ghanaian child joins his ancestor as a result of diarrhea which we could easily have curbed.

Again, what is the inflation rate? Let them tell us the interest rate. We want answers as to how and why we have found ourselves in this mess today. Ghana is been ranked the second dirtiest country in West Africa with more than four million Ghanaians resort to defecating in bushes, drains and fields. The question is where did we go wrong?

My brothers and sisters; Our destiny lies in our own hands. Your vote can redefine the future and save the many afflicted Ghanaians from ‘’Oga’’ and his men. We need to hold our leaders accountable and say enough is enough to “WO no saa ensi sa “politics. Sell your votes for pea nuts and be subjected to another four years of ‘’yen tie obiara’’ mantra type of governance or vote diligently to save yourself and your generation from this administration.

Long live Ghana.

Asare Lecumberry.

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