The Cost of Justice in Ghana

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I, Ali Abdul-Yekin, of No 7 Nii Anyetei Kwao Close, Nima, Accra is in the Supreme Court to confirm whether it is constitutionally right or not, for the State of Ghana to be formerlly associated with Christianity, as the official religion of the nation, by having the office of the head of state assuming the direct responsibility of a building called National Cathedral.

I, strongly hold the belief that the use of the name “National” and the direct involvement of the office of president in the project, in his capacity as the head of state, is inconsistent with the constitutional position on Article 21 and 56. A previous judgement of the Supreme Court, on the Bomfre vrs Attorny General, failed to clearly establish that the Supreme Court is very affirmative that Ghana is now declare a Christian nation, to have a national christian centre of worship beffiting the superstitious need of the state.

I, Ali Abdul-Yekin, strongly believe the ambiguities surrounding the rule of the Supreme Court judgement, is not good enough for posterity, as the sole purpose of being in Court in the first place, is to be very clear on the view of the court.

The Supreme Court being the highest institution in Ghana delegated with the authority of the interpretation of our national Constitution, by our national authority, must be very clear on the decision of officially turning our country into a Christian state by action, purpose and intent.

All I want the Supreme court to make very clear to me, by the intepretation of the constitution is, Ghana is officially now a Christian state. If the Supreme Court says, yes Ghana is now officially a Christian state to justify the role of the office of the president on the building of a national cathedral, then the project is a legitimate one. If however, the Supreme Court judgement is, Ghana is not officially a Christian state to legitimize the role of the presidency in the building of a superstitious centre call National Cathedral, then an injunction must be place on the project.

The judgement of the supreme court carry the same weight as any national law. Such important law cannot afford to be neutral on any issue brought before her, talk less of a sibject relating to the future of our nation. I am therefore, in court to pray our law lords to relieve me of the torture of an ambiguios fate.

The above was a brief I tabled before my lawyer to proceed to the Supreme Court on the above subject matter. The lawyer produce a document listing all the fees lawyers representing client must, by the Ghana Bar Association. Since our case is meant for the Supreme Court, we were charge betwern Ghc150,000.00 to Ghc350,000.00.

Our budgeted amount was Ghc85,000.00. Yes, we are aware justice is not free, so come at a cost, but the minimum of Ghc150,000.00 is just over the top.
Yes, we must have the Supreme Court tp be clear on it says about the Constitution and the fate of every Ghanaian. We believe the president is wrong for engaging in the build of a religious structure, but we cannot get the poor to raise the fund. Can you see why everything is done by the rich to keep the poor, poorer.

Kofi Ali Abdul-Yekin
Chair ECRA
(ECOWAS Citizens Right Advocated)

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