Mr Jacob Gbati, a Tema based businessman, says the clamour for new regions across the country is “legitimate and development-oriented”.

According to him, it is unfortunate that some people have described the quest as “tribal aspirations” without understanding the demographics and sociology of the regions.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Tema, Mr Gbati asked, “ Who loses and who wins if new regions are created? Do we know that ethnicity is so diverse in our country and that people see the creation of the new regions as a new challenge to develop their areas?”

He said apart from the psychological boost for investors and the indigene, the forgotten details of development in those areas which would spur economic growth would be revisited.

Mr Gbati, who is also an importer, said the creation of new regions was long overdue and that the government was walking the right path which would ultimately enhance popular participation in local governance.

“If you listen carefully, you would hear them asking for inclusion. To be part of the governing process. The creation of the new regions is just one of those steps. They want a fresh start.”

On the selection of new regional capitals, he said, to increase accessibility and visibility of the capital, the central point should be chosen.

“ I know issues on the selection of the new capital will arise but government should be bold enough to ignore the endowed cities and towns for the central point. Because one of the compelling arguments of the pro-creation people is that the old capitals are far from their end and that they are not easily accessible.”

Mr Gbati asked government to as soon as possible research into areas of economic viability especially under the one district one factory policy and publicise it for investors who are eagerly waiting to help build the foundation of the new regions.


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