The differences between Betway’s website in Bulgaria and Ghana


Gamblers who decide to take advantage of their favorite hobby from the comfort of their home want to find the best betting operator. Some people are looking for unique options, but most punters want a reputable name in the business. Consequently, they often choose Betway because the operator is accessible in several states. Aside from Ghana, gamblers in Bulgaria can access from Nostrabet and use one of the newest online bookies in the country. Needless to say, it offers several impressive promos, features, and a variety of sections.


With that being said, online bettors who decide to compare Betway’s version for Bulgaria and Ghana will find several differences. This may not come as a surprise because the people behind Betway research more about the given country before offering their services. Some users are probably interested in learning more about the differences, so let’s check the most notable ones.


Small design elements


One of the easiest ways for an online betting platform to be instantly recognizable in every country is by offering a similar design. Betway knows that, so it uses almost the same layout and colors for all of its platforms, regardless of whether they are for the UK, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, or another country.


Although there are many similarities between the version for Bulgaria and Ghana, there are some subtle differences. For example, Betway Ghana decided to add the country’s flag in the top right corner. Furthermore, the Ghanaian version has a menu bar, and the betting sections are located below Betway’s logo. If we look at Betway Bulgaria, the site does not feature the Bulgarian flag and does not have a menu option. Moreover, the betting sections are placed above Betway’s logo.


There are also many other minor differences, such as those in the footer, the app, the chat button, and even in some of the colors used in the design. With that being said, even bettors with no experience in iGaming will notice that these two websites belong to the same company.


Betway Ghana offers more betting sections that Betway Bulgaria


After pointing out some design differences, it is time to pay attention to something more substantial. Everyone who takes the time to read Nostrabet’s review of Betway Bulgaria will notice the bookie offers the popular sections. This also applies to the site in Ghana, but since the company has more experience in this region, it provides more betting sections.


Besides the options accessible on both platforms, Betway Ghana also offers Betgames, Instant Games, and Betway Jackpot. These sections are accessible in Ghana means that it is a matter of time before they become available in Bulgaria.


The Bulgarian version of Betway offers an additional odds format


Even though Betway is an operator known for offering a wide variety of betting sections, many people use the company for its sportsbook. As a result, Betway offers plenty of markets and high odds in all countries where people have access to it.


Since gamblers worldwide wager on sports, Betway offers different odds formats that they can choose from. The site’s version for Ghanaian sports punters offers Decimal and Fractional because they are the most popular options. These two are also accessible in Betway Bulgaria, but the bookie provides an additional option – American.


A slightly different registration process


Another notable difference between Betway’s sites in Ghana and Bulgaria is the registration process. Although both require similar information, such as your name, date of birth, and email, there are some differences. For example, Betway Bulgaria wants to know more about your address. Furthermore, you have to choose one of the available currencies.

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