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The Doctrines Of God Guarantee PEACE – Dr Osei-Acheampong


The Founder and General Overseer of Universal Calvary Church International, Dr Apostle Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong, has called on people across the world to follow the Doctrines of God since that is the only life that guarantee PEACE.
Apostle Bio PictrueAccording to Dr. Acheampong, there is no lasting peace in the Kingdom of man but in the Kingdom of God where the Doctrines of God inspired through the Holy Spirit are accepted and followed.
He was speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter when he explained that, most people including men of God can recite and believe in the Apostles’ Creed/ Doctrine but lose sight of what the true Doctrine for which one can be saved is, the Doctrine of God, which is from the Holy Spirit.
“The Bible says that as soon as the Holy Spirit came, not only did they do all of the things they did, speaking in tongues and winning souls, but they followed the Apostles Doctrine. Then what is the Apostles Doctrine?” he asked.
Dr Acheampong averred that, the Apostles Doctrine is the Holy Spirit Doctrine which came from God.
He added that, the Apostles Creed was written and enacted by man but the Doctrines of God are by the Holy Spirit.
“You see God created a new country called the Kingdom of God in which the Doctrines of God are followed and adhered to. God desires true worshippers to worship Him in Spirit and decree that everyone has to be born again of the Spirit to enter that kingdom of God. Therefore, it is necessary that a Christian must understand all about the Holy Spirit,” he said.
Dr. Apostle Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong made these explanations when he was talking about his newly authored book, ‘SPIRITUS SANCTUS’ (The Holy Spirit) which is becoming one of the bestselling books in the market, offering guidelines to many teachers, pastors, and people who want to draw closer to God and the Holy Spirit.
Touching on who the Holy Spirit truly is, Dr. Apostle Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong said as quoted in his book, Spiritus Sanctus, “Holy Spirit is the most important divine person needed for the Christian life.
Jesus Christ teaching the woman at the well stated categorically and emphatically, ?But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.?
Explaining the Trinity, he said, looking at all the manifestations of God, He is Spirit whether by Himself as God the Father, in the form of man as seen in the Lord Jesus as God the Son, or in the believer as God the Holy Spirit.
He said, many Christians read the Bible with some misunderstanding and may be confused by diverse doctrines, stressing that the Holy Spirit is God, who was in Christ working supernatural miracles and reconciling the world to Himself.
Also touching on who is a true Christian and Believer, Dr Acheampong enumerated that for one to become a true Christian he or she must first believe in Jesus Christ, walking in His Doctrines for which he or she will be granted the permission to become a Christian.
He advised all to work with the Holy Spirit since the more one knows the work of the Holy Spirit, the better he?ll know the Holy Spirit and understand Him and the things of God. And the more he knows of the work of the Holy Spirit, the more he will let God, which is the Holy Spirit work in his life to bring the necessary changes he is yearning for.

The Man of God also added that as true Christians, we need to build our faith with virtue and since faith has become an end in itself, there is more that God desires his people to add to their faith.
Dr Acheampong noted that the Holy Spirit is the intrinsic invisible power who produces the that virtues (fruit) of the Holy Spirit in the believer, which are ?….. love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.?
“These characteristics are the holy traits of God produced in the believer by the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit may be defined as the supernatural grace, virtue, or divine characteristic of the Holy Spirit produced in and manifested by a believer to grow, live with and mature in the unity of the Holy Spirit as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he quoted from his book.

According to him, he has written the book, SPIRITUS SANCTUS,
as a guide for people to free their minds, body, and soul from putting the almighty God in a box of rules and regulations of creeds, dogmas, religion, articles and statements of faith, affirmations, denominations, organizational sectarianism, and name-brand ministries with all its paraphernalia.
He also indicated that SPIRITUS SANCTUS is a Holy Spirit book that is going to be the standard Holy Spirit book, which gives clear understanding of His Father which is in Heaven.
According to Dr Acheampong, he asked God to give him something he could do to impart positively on peoples’ lives, “So I asked the Holy Spirit to help me do exactly what he said I should do.”
He said his desire to help people to know God so they can worship him in Spirit and in Truth was what goaded him on into writing the book which is in itself a guide to knowing the true God.

Who Is Dr. Emmanuel Osei – Acheampong?

He is a man of unwavering honesty and utmost integrity who exemplifies intellectual freedom and an eagerness to succeed coupled with a great determination and commitment to help all whom He encounters to have success in life.
He is born in Kumasi Ghana, West Africa.
Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong is a graduate of the University of Nairobi Veterinary Medical School in Kenya, East Africa, where he studied veterinary and human medicine.
He is all out to build wins souls for Christ, bringing them into the Kingdom of God.

Buy the book: http://www.amazon.com/Spiritus-Sanctus-The-Holy-Spirit/dp/1490829237

Church website: uccnow.org

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