The easiest and safest way to extend partition of Server 2003


? ?Extend Partition? of server partition magic

In the process of Server 2003 use, low disk space (especially system partition low disk space) is commonly seen. Under this kind of situations, the best solution is to expand partition of Server 2003. If users want to accomplish expanding partition of Server 2003 without data loss and in few steps, they had better turn to server partition magic rather than system built-in disk management tool. Professional server partition magic requires so simple operations to expand partition of Server 2003. In addition, it will not bring any influence on original data. But unfortunately, most server partition magic has functional defects and security defects. If users expand partition of Server 2003 by using server partition magic which has defects, data security can not be ensured. Maybe, operations are complex, too. Therefore, users should be cautious when selecting server partition magic.

Actually, I know a professional partition magic for windows server, By using this server partition magic, users can expand partition of Server 2003 in 2 ways:

1. ?Extend Partition?: by using the function, users can expand partition of Server 2003 directly no matter whether there is unallocated space on disk.

2. ?Move/Resize Partition?: if there is unallocated space neighboring to target partition, users can use this function to expand partition of Server 2003 directly. Nevertheless, if there is no such a kind of unallocated space, users need to shrink partition to release unallocated space at first, and then expand partition.

Seeing the above introduction, users can see expanding partition of Server 2003 by using the function ?Extend Partition? is the best solution.

Now, let?s use this server partition magic to expand partition of Server 2003.

Step 1: download and install the server partition magic to computer.

Step 2: run software to open its main interface:

Step 3: select the partition where low disk space emerges and click ?Extend Partition? button from action panel.

Step 4: select a partition or unallocated space to take free space and drag resizing button to decide how much free space to take.

Then, click ?OK? button to go back to main interface:

Step 5: click ?Apply? button to apply changes made just now to computer.

After application, the server partition magic helps expand partition of Server 2003 successfully.

If users are troubled by low disk space, download this server partition magic. 

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