My brothers and sisters, me nuanom Ghanafoo eee! Yaanom, muntie, muntie, muntie, (to borrow ex-Pres. Rawlings catchy phraseology for humourous speeches – my article would not be complete if you failed to continue reading the subsequent lines as they unfolded. Fellow Ghanaians, if it were a precedent, Ghanaians would not have had a leader who would travel all the long distance to the New World to glue himself to international television screens amidst world-class media top brass for the Unprecedented ‘White House’ Declaration and Proclamation of Ghana as the first country to emerge from Africa to join the developed economies of ?The G.8.? because his government now manages a buoyant economy that was in tatters before he took over i.e. 18% to an appreciable single digit inflation in two years and has offered jobs to 1.6 million unemployed citizens within a year despite the prescribed freeze by the World Bank. Very unprecedented indeed! Laugh it off and continue reading to release the tension and ease the nerves.

? It is only President Mills who hears no evil, speaks no evil, and sees no evil and fears to act or react because he might tread on dangerous grounds to step on thorny spiky toes; to him, he was nobody before Jerry brought him to the limelight ? I stand for correction. Oooph.

? The junior doctors, who, according to government sources, should have been robots to kowtow them, but invariably, said to be remote-controlled by some certain politicians because most of them cannot think for themselves, are at it again; this time round, the fire has been lit from the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where common water for surgical purposes and after surgery use is non-existent. Ordinary air-conditioners to keep some selected areas like the operating theatres, consulting rooms and pharmacies cool have been neglected and relegated to the background. As for indiscriminate littering and the mountain of garbage around the premises is beyond description. The NHIS Capitation Grant that ought to have been on a pilot basis for a few selected clinics has taken a negative dimension in Ashanti. Why Ashanti alone? Only Sallas Mensah and Fred Agbenyo could better explain this gargantuan ulterior motive. Very, very, incredible and unprecedented indeed.

? It is very unprecedented that at a time that the incumbency needs the media relations most, it has decided to boycott the Multi Media Publications that has much wider network nationwide than all the rest. What an unprecedented infantile bluff.

? By courtesy of CNN Projections, (vide Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Metro TV News @ 11) just as Mitt and Ann Romney win the Illinois Primary (the Ashanti version of the U.S.), in the same vein that Nana Akufo Addo would win massively and obviously become the next president. It is unprece -dented that almost all Ghanaians would join Mitt Romney of Illinois to tell Prez. Mills, ENOUGH, on December 7, 2012, for toying with our lives, so in effect, he and his darling boy, Barack Obama would unprecedentedly become one term president each.

? Just as Mitt Romney is experienced, so also is Nana Akufo; we don’t want any try-an-error-type of presidency in Ghana. It is a pity that most Ghanaians have lost faith in Prof. Mills. He has disappointed the many intellectuals, tribesmen, friends and many, many people. Ghanaians want a change now or never, and a change we need to resurrect our dying souls.

? Fellow countrymen and women, forewarned is forearmed; the rumour mill in town has it that the NDC, using the District Election Officers as their partners in trade, are alleged to have condoned and connived to create additional polling stations (new cells that are non-existent on the national register and are to be forcefully justified for adoption) and collated to be forwarded to the regions for onward submission to the headquarters. As beneficiary, they would certainly detail representatives at these new ‘cemeteries’ to record say, 50, 50 in their favour and if they are able to secure some minimum of 50 votes multiplied by the 23,000 polling stations, unknown to the other competitors or contestants in the game of wits, your guess would be as good as mine ? their Chubb safe will have stockpiled 1,150,000 votes nationwide from the word go. Please let us be mindful of this evil mindset/ machination and nib any such criminality in the bud and avoid the hassle of another stolen verdict. The prize is up for grabs barring any complacency.

? It is however sad that for the first time in the life of this Nation as a developing one, the spate of strikes, constitutionally backed demonstra -tions and civil strife by aggrieved parties is unprecedented and unparallel -ed ? the POTAG, UTAG, Junior Doctors, Nurses, just to name a few.

? It is really unprecedented that since the 55 years lifespan of Ghana as a nation, the Atta Mills Administration has witnessed one of the worst human rights record never ever exhibited by any civilized democracy ? historians would recall and trace the semblance of this brute force to the Stone Age era.

? The modus operandi of Mills security set up is akin to the Gestapo/ KGB/Hungarian/Cuban style to put fear in opponents; it shouldn’t be a surprise then that if the railway system were functional, opponents and critics who continually pester his life for non-performance and the Woyomegate Scandal could have been mauled into the fully sprayed rail vans with poisonous gases like the Nazi holocaust (because of the gigantic Ashanti Project factor that has become a scarecrow and nightmare to him) and try to eliminate them all ? do we remember the Adolf Hitler’s Nazi days and the sudden disappearance of some 300 innocent Ghanaians during the PNDC/NDC days when in fact he was vice for the last 4 years?

? Is it not unprecedented that for political and electoral expediency, as many as 42 or more districts and 22 constituencies are being created unconstitu -tionally at the behest of political opponents to probably help him perpetu -ate his presidency? Bills were rushed to the floor of the House without the sector minister supplying each individual member of the House with the relevant Motion Paper and the stipulated time frame of 21 sitting days to run through with deliberations of such a bill for passage. What a goof!

? To Prez. Mills, never ever has there been an unprecedented era that the economy has stood still and inflation rate become stagnant like when Jesus commanded the storm at sea to remain calm.

? Is it again not unprecedented that Prez. Mills, mortal as he is, in 2010 managed to set biblical record by breaking the waters of River Birim when he set foot in the floods around Abomosu near Anyinam in the Eastern Region?

? It is never ever unprecedented that local currency has had stability for some two years but the other side of the coin says that this is the first time in 18 years that the Ghana Cedi has been reduced to trash and an uncontrollable decline and rather apologetically, with toilet tissue having much more usefulness than the Cedi notes. Come again Prof.

? It is highly unprecedented but the fact still remains that some people in government think that most Ghanaians are fools because whether we like it or not Mr. Lee Ocran, minister-designate for Education, had guts to order for some 65,000 laptops for teachers nationwide ? was it another ploy to loot our treasury?

? Would it not be unprecedented to have a visionless leader at a time when national budgets should not have a place at all for unknown unexpected judgment debts?

? Unprecedented indeed that security fights with security. Dog bites dog scenario; it was an unprecedented shameful sight that cast a big slur on all Ghanaians.

? It is rather unfortunate and unprecedented that Prez. Obama finds solace in a friend whose single effort or policy undertaken by his government has somersaulted.

? Is this a natural coincidence or sheer one? Was It predicted that one day we would have an unprecedented leader who would reduce the presidency to the lowest ebb; the unpardonable presidential confession and admission that his name cannot be sold for Gh?1.00 is just, just unprecedented ? like an orphan who has been gifted with a ball from a philanthropist, you know how he behaves – he runs home to show the ball to his parents and all playmates in the neighbourhood.

? Even though we have single digit inflation, our pockets that should show positive signs of wealth creation do not, but remain empty without money and where we are capable, we are able to buy only kenkey without fish.

? The application and enforcement of laws by our police to incarcerate people is highly unprecedented in the Mills-Mahama Administration to the extent that civil cases whose investigative ingredients ought to be pursued and or determined by the courts have been usurped by them. One therefore wonders whether there are human beings and non-human beings. Their brute actions and inactions, quite unprecedented and contrary to international norms are, no doubt, appreciated by His Excellency otherwise he would have roared and charged once to scare them.

? It is unprecedented that in the Mills-Mahama Administration, there are two categories of persons ? those with red blood and the down trodden ones with ‘dirty engine oil’ type of blood, forgetting that each person has one electoral vote.

? In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is the chief and for Prez. Obama to emphatically say that Ghanaians should count themselves lucky to have Prof. Mills as their leader was quite below the belt. Why did he not decide to ‘dzi ne fie asem’ to wit, mind his own boggling business back home to grapple with the enormous domestic hassle and bustle ? to deal with the downward trend of the American economy, the unemployment menace and the crucial November 6 elections to decide his fate for re-election or one term presidency was what he should have consulted our president to arrange with T.B. Joshua for occultist assistance for him?

? It is unprecedented because, in his own words, this was not the first time that ministers of state have travelled abroad with girlfriends so if Muntaka Murbarak had done so, he does not see anything wrong, inferring that he had to spare the rod and support wrong-doing.

? It is unprecedented that it is only the Mills-Mahama’s government that the national security/police service has the guts to interpret the laws enshrined in our constitution instead of the courts and supposedly has his backing to do so otherwise, we would have seen some reforms from his actions.

? Prez. Mills’s Administration that has gained notoriety for conducting district assembly elections in tots since independence has set an enviable record to place it on an unprecedented pedestal for emulation in the sub-region and it should not surprise anybody that the electoral biometric registration would not be different from that ? take it from me.

? It is unprecedented that while he was the vice president, he never queried the genuineness of the Rice Project but helped to mastermind and super-intend the dole of $20m to Ms. Cotton whose authentic background he failed completely in his capacity as Tax law professor to investigate from the United States for rice growing in the Aveyime area of the Volta Region.

? It is unprecedented indeed that it was NDC.2 under Mills that anticipated and fraudulently allocated and inserted some judgment debts like the cruelly crafted ‘indemnity clauses’ like the predecessor PNDC within the national budget. Is that the latest ‘Sakawa’ conduit pipe for siphoning state money at the expense of the poor tax-payer?

? Prof. Mills’s inability to do due diligence before rushing parliament to pass the Korea STX $10bn. housing Bill with the NDC majority and endorsing it with our Sovereign guarantee needs much to be desired and that fiasco ruining the nation of so much financial loss to the state has sent his unprecedented stance to the cleaners.

? And what about the ‘collateralization of our God-given oil and ballooning bluff and insults’ that were hurled on Ghanaians including total disrespect and show of power by the vice-president. He was a much more revered personality until that day. Was it not just unprecedented to spit hell and brimstone? Did he or did he not make some gains after parliament had been surreptitiously forced to pass that bill late that night? Meanwhile, has anybody visited the sod-cutting site for the security housing project lately? What therefore prevents the government from putting finishing touches to the Kufuor’s projects that have reached roofing stages with only internal fittings and furnishings left to breast the tape? Silly.

? Again, it is unprecedented because just within 72 hours that Kofi Wayo roared like the Adaklu lion from the Dodowa Forest that Ghana Embassy in Serbia should be closed down to save costs, immediately, Prez. Mills succumbed to Kofi’s call and Victor Smith was brought down to take charge of the Eastern Region as minister-designate and also to enhance his chances of contesting the Abuakwa North constituency in parliamentary elections also in the region otherwise, how was he going to contest the seat if he had not come down? Was Chuk Wayo at the cabinet meeting that decided the fate of Victor at the Osu Castle that day?

? It is unprecedented that Messrs Kwame Peprah and Sikpah Yankey, both barred by the constitution to hold public office in Ghana for being ex-convicts, have been flouted by Prof. Mills (because he thinks there is no other authority on law reforms in Ghana save him) to infringe the constitution and gone ahead to assign them as board members of state institutions.

? How come that Allotey Jacobs, the educated fisherman and Kofi Knows All Wayo, the international critic of all governments of Ghana ?both past and present and an enemy to the western developed economies ? become board members of the ECG and the Energy Commission respectively alleged to be collecting daily sitting allowances of Gh?1,300 multiplied by the number of sittings annually? Was it job for the boys?

? It is very, very unprecedented for Candidate Mills, then as opposition leader, to cast aspersions on ex-Prez. Kufuor to the extent that because he hailed from the forest belt area (kookooase kuraseni barima), apologies to Kobby Acheampong, that was why he had relocated all the cold stores and their offices from the Fanteland to Kumasi and that if his tribesmen, the Fantes, predominantly fisherfolks, voted for him to win power, he would reverse the trend to transform their lives and lifestyles; but what do we see? Outboard motors that are used to propel canoes for long distance fishing haul then being sold for Gh?2,900.00 during Kufuor’s time now sells at Gh?8,000.00. Can you see the vast difference of Gh?51m from Gh?29m to ?80m?

? Why can’t the president boast as the unprecedented leader of our time? The author thinks that he may have or has many reasons or causes but to him, the order of prominence were that he was the only one who has shown gross disrespect for the rule of law and show of avarice by his greedy bastard appointees; he has shown impunity and allowed nepotism to creep in to take major portion of the decision of his government by surrounding himself with the Moulds, the Ahwois and the Tsikatas just like the NDC1 ? Alex for National Petroleum Authority and Betty, the recent past Education Minister and former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice through whose hands the erstwhile CP unjustifiably ran from the payment spot in Accra and flew away from Ghana with a whopping Gh?800m judgment debt for free without sweat and the Woyomegate Scandal of Gh?51m. also for free; the Chief State Attorney, Mr. Nerquaye, whose wife was gifted with Gh?400m should not be glossed over; furthermore, any intelligent reasoning being or a discerning mind would probe to ask how much then could have been offered the sector minister and the ‘Paramount Chief’ of Ghana himself if the palms of Nerquaye’s wife was greased with this gargantuan figure? How dare they? Are you there or gone to the underground world for hibernation? Brother Cadman Mills too is purported to be taking some cool Gh?6,000/per mensem, the Peter Boamah Otukunors and Carl Wilson, formerly of the National Security outfit still drawing fat salaries at the expense of the Ghanaian tax-payer and you want doctors and POTAG/UTAG to keep marking time with the brag that you had completed some 90% success with the Single Spine Salary Structure.

? Do some politicians learn the history of the world at all? Do we still remember the late Bro. Muamar al Gadafi, the bonafide owner of oil rich Libya, the brethren and the household? Was it not unprecedented that with all the might of the unthinkable warfare, hopefully or allegedly, some chemical WMD at his disposal, artillery and security, backed by wealth at home in bunkers and those stashed abroad in foreign banks including gold bars, special investments littered in Africa and elsewhere, when the time struck, his sordid and shameful end suddenly came one Thursday, October 11, 2011, and that was it so African leaders should be mindful to take a cue that certainly there would be a day of reckoning and could just be around the corner.

? It is unprecedented because when the president’s stern directive not to pay Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s first tranche of judgment debt of Gh?17m it was ignored and over-rided because of disrespect and disregard for him and the presidency. Can anybody prove me wrong?

? It is unprecedented that under Mills, the floating meter that measures the quantity of Ghana’s oil for export via the Osagyefo Barge at the Jubilee Oil fields, at Cape Three Points, was mysteriously damaged only to replace it with the ‘colonial’ dip-stick for some three months. In fact, wonders will never end in Ghana. Could this fast track trick be played on Nigerians? Did some few millions of U.S. dollars change hands? Who was/were the beneficiary/ies?

? How does Ghana Government under Mills enter into such an inimical, inhuman and unprecedented ‘collateralized’ agreement with China for $3bn and to grant them monopoly to lift our oil for as long as 15? years which is incompatible with international norms?

? One wonders whether Ghana has a leader because before the president appoints persons into positions a, b and c, the Chairman of the Council of State, Prof. Kofi Awonoor, would have disappointed him by making similar appointments to x, y and z positions to neutralize that to warrant the ‘Ore haw me, ore haw me’ chorus. Mr. Chairman, you troubling me too much. Why? Why? Why? Oh why?

? It is unprecedented to have Prez. Mills claim to the title ‘unprecedented president’ of Ghana because, just as everybody thought ex-President Rawlings had groomed him to have political milk teeth, he would, naturally have seen to take care and cajole him that his mentor would also lose his teeth before leaving him to fate, but not; he wants to see him totally crushed to death with apologies to Johnson Wax’s insecticide advert, kojoo, kojoo to.

? Within a spate of three years, the country has unprecedentedly, under Prez. Mills, sought for $16bn loan that does not have any correlation whatsoever to the so called infrastructure development being touted by the government.

? One would have thought that Prez. Mills governance that has seen so much improvement in domestic tax upward adjustments, enormous foreign loan contracts, belt-tightening structural policies, and having passed through the political furnace (mill) under Rawlings’ tutelage for four years; contested General Elections twice in 2000 as candidate including re-run (December 7 and 28, 2000), once in 2004 and twice again also in 2008 ? Dec. 7 and 28 with the deciding ‘battle of nerves’ on Sunday, January 4, 2009 in the Tain Constituency of the Brong Ahafo Region, to determine the winner of the elections because no true winner had emerged between you and Nana Akufo Addo, that ultimately went in your favour, i.e. 4 years plus 2 elections in 2000; one in 2004 plus 3 in 2008, a historic total of 6 elections unmatched by any politician in Africa and probably elsewhere in the world until you won power; but the assembly of a crack team to work with to make life worth living for your countrymen and women that should not have posed any problem(s) to you at all face you like an uphill task; nevertheless and notwithstanding, the writer would like to charge you that your tenure of office would forever go down in history as the worst and most painful in Ghana whether you like it or not. You need not be pampered. He wants to tell it as it is ? you have disappointed the intellectuals, you have incurred the displeasure of the professionals, you have disgraced your tribesmen, you have deprived the source of livelihood of the poverty-stricken ? corruption of appointees has deprived many of food on their tables, shelter and clothing that are necessary must-get-ingredients in life for many have temporarily become non-existent and God will not forgive you as the Shepherd and finally, as a mortal being born of a woman, you have not been truthful to your Creator, worst of it all, you have allowed to conferred on you the biblical title that best befits Jesus Christ and Him only, the Prince of Peace without any caution; furthermore, because you allowed emotions to control a better part of your person, that has not been helpful to you at all. You must be told this truth and must be told in an unambiguous plain language. The ultimate pain could be very excruciating but you must endeavour to absorb the shocks. Don’t pretend on the outside that you’re a Christian whilst in the innermost part of you, you genuinely are not. Vengeance is however God’s. The author admonishes you to draw closer to God in prayer and show signs of remorsefulness; to ponder anew, reflect soberly on the atrocities your Administration must have inflicted on the populace (the BNI and the Police brutalities, the cheating military of civilian properties because of being in uniform, the cheating CEPS officials at the ports, the cheating Immigration officers at the entry points, the cheating Forestry officials on timber loggers, the cheating lawyers and their counterpart judges allegedly extort monies from feuding factions in the courts; the cheating Police MTTU of innocent motorists for being truants on the roads and for carrying bulky/ voluminous cargoes relegating the inspection of DVLA/Insurance docu -ments etc; the cheating thugs who have been recruited and employed by the various Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies as Task Forces whose duties they abandon and resort to extorting monies from all kinds of developers; public officials wickedly charge innocent persons seeking assistance from their offices ? eg. a case in point was when the writer visited the Registrar-General’s Office last Tuesday ? March 20, 2012 to be confronted with a middle aged woman who wanted to know how much it cost to register a sole proprietorship company. This unsuspecting woman had earlier told me her other sister was in one of the offices trying to negotiate and bargain for reduction from Gh?300 to Gh?100 because they needed it as express to enable them travel to Dubai and China as traders but the lady officer would not budge. Is that how to capitalize on one’s illiteracy to make quick money at the expense of others? And the irony of it all was that on church days, she and her colleagues would be the first to be at church to sing praises to the Lord. How? Forget about the passport office, then go to the licensing office where you would see corruption at its highest; thank God, Ghana Airways is no more, otherwise, if one failed to part with say, $100 or ?50 pound note then the flight that you have personally re-confirmed would leave you at the Kotoka Airport because your name would be obliterated from the passenger manifest; have patience and follow up further to the births and deaths registry, why is it that everybody wants to cheat in the system? I need not talk about the bank managers and their subordinate staff ? you have to part with your gift money before a loan is granted you and the vulnerable women always fall prey to them else, your application would not be granted or considered. The list is endless but would like to crown if with recruitments in the security services ? some Gh?1,000 or you forget about pursuing your ambition. Generally, the whole nation has become a country of ‘murderers’. It is a big shame. What kind of a country do we live in? Finally, Mr. President, be bold to tell God the intended ulterior motive as to why the so-called Mills’ Special Forces have been established, the merits and demerits alike should be told your God for forgiveness and memorize solemnly in mind without anybody present in your bedroom (not even your wife) the very wrongs against humanity, known and unknown, because man is the like image of God and beg for forgiveness so that all the wrongs that must have been committed erroneously, consciously or subconsciously, by you or members of your government, willful insults against the elderly and almost anybody who comes in sight because they are in government now and that the State security are at their beckoning, forgetting that the Walls of Jericho fell without a single shot, strong Saddam Husein of Iraq ? 30 years rule is gone and soon to be forgotten because of his atrocities, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt too, 29 years rule, will be forgotten in history because of alleged oppression of the black Egyptians and finally, Muamar al Gaddafi of the oil richest country in Africa (Libya) is gone and gone forever ? 42 long years of autocratic and tired but boring rule and because of his penchant to be the first Continental President of Africa never materialized, probably would only be remembered mostly by his immediate relatives and kith and kin from Sirte, and all, repeat all your personal omissions and commissions would be accepted by your Creator if you confess in good faith ? ref. the Publican and the Pharisee at prayer session. Prof. I am done and don’t think I could be your enemy.

? It is quite unprecedented and unheard of anywhere in the world that the Chairman of NDC and sitting government should brace himself as the hatchet man to cleanse the Judiciary by declaring that ‘there were many ways of killing the cat’ just to intimidate the judiciary and win legal battles against the opposition for them.

? It is unprecedented that it is only Prez. Mills who would travel outside Ghana to have official appointment with the international business commu -nity of the U.S. and the World Bank slated for New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012.

? Will Mr. Mills’s government not go down as unprecedented for being the first in our history books to break the record for setting up as many as 500 committees of enquiries within three years? The writer stands for correction.

? In the history of Ghana’s official competitive bidding for infrastructure projects and procurements, it is only during Pres. Mills tenure that bidding documents had been forcefully breached with contempt and taken away by NDC party miscreants from Wa, the Upper West Regional capital despite bidding costs to individual bidders because they had not been fairly treated by the powers that be, i.e. to them, ‘monkey de work and baboon de chop’ in the pidgin English and correctly means that for far too long, they had been hewers of wood and drawers of water and that untoward action was to teach them a lesson.

? It should be unprecedented in the Mills’ Administration that one can see 30 year old young ministers, who had not worked anywhere in their lives before January 2009, except a couple of them, should be able to put up magnificent houses within three years and even wed their wives in the U.S. amidst corruption without retribution from the paymaster.

To bring the curtains down, anyway, the writer wants the world to know that as a result of inconsistencies in the management of our economy and the hardships galore, about 60% of our youth have been caught in the craze for riches unprecedented in our history and there is virtually nothing the authorities can do because the ‘Sakawa’ business has come to stay.

? Finally, our president has cause to be an unprecedented leader because to all intents and purposes, until his assumption of office, there were the many skeptics who thought that because of the fluency in the Queen’s English, and the oratorical skills in lectureship and what have you, he would be a performer, but during the swearing-in ceremony that was orchestrated with fumbling of words, Her Ladyship, Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, should have started afresh but the fact that tension had set in from that day, January 7, 2009, and that aspect was ignored, all his, repeat, all his practical field work as President of the Republic from thence proved negative (father for all, but father for a selected few; if you voted for me or not, I would not discriminate, but the opposite is what we see, drastic reduction of fuel price to Gh?2.00 or ?20,00/per gallon, his government alleged to have engaged as many as 5,000 persons into the security services ?allegedly, with more than 1,000 from the protocol list without the requisite qualifications ? while Kufuor’s 400 recruits into the security services – the Army, Navy and Air Force ? were non-Ghanaians; but, even if they were Ghanaians, they were all his nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters, grannies, etc. that is why there given the marching orders and shown the exit – do you see how the world rotates? That recruitment cost the abrupt end of a qualified law professional soldier, Col. Kwadwo Damuah, of the Personnel Directorate from the Ghana Army without a hoot or protest from the Military High Command. Prof. envisaged a lean government but has been confronted with an equally large government; remove the filth round Accra but still it’s a mountain of filth, mounts political platform to plead for clemency and ceasefire of insults but Asiedu Nketiah, his ‘Field Marshall’ & General Secretary, has always been the worst offender, etc., and even in some circles, people tease him as an apology to the intelligentsia class. Meanwhile, one unprece -dented thing our president has failed to do that he has not done as yet is to learn to say ‘I am sorry’, ‘I beg for your forgiveness’ and hope all the peace loving Ghanaians will accept the apology from a contrite heart in good faith.

? (0540827508 ) To quote Dr. Myles Munroe, the celebrated Liberian Renowned Motivational Speaker & Business Consultant of international repute, he entreats all Ghanaians, both tall and short, man or woman, boy or girl, rich or poor, politician or civilian, literate or illiterate, thick or thin, not to chase wealth or riches but rather to help the poor and the vulnerable in society. Money is good but not an end to everything. (Ref. Metro TV Good Evening Ghana programme hosted by Paul Adom Otchere ? the guest was the celebrated Speaker on Thursday, March 22, 2012). He further charged that we go to the land and make use of it. Again, he appealed to our leaders that they should think about the future of the Ghanaian children and the children yet unborn and reiterated that international agreements entered into by our politicians should be of benefit to all and sundry including the children yet unborn but not to chase riches/wealth for personal gains. He entreated us to eschew greed and avarice. Leaders should take their time to sow and expect that one day they would reap the benefits from the harvesters.

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By:  Kofi Appiah.

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