Many a Ghanaian currently doubts the credibility, integrity and sincerity of the Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, following from the “Woyomegate” scandal. I always argue in his defence whenever anyone casts doubt on his association with the NDC government. Oftentimes, some people accuse him of being a sheer opportunist with hidden agenda hence mingling with the NDC. My argument in his favour has always been, “he wants to be of service to his people and nation”. If he feels by being in government is the best way he can be of service to Ghana, then what is wrong about that, I have always argued.


However, the Woyomegate scandal has come as a huge blow to me. It has derailed my express train of wisdom placed on the rail tracks ready to deliver support and protection to my compatriot, the Finance Minister. As the Woyomegate scandal raises more questions than provide available cogent answers, I am compelled to question his continuous flirtation with the NDC.

I am very much aware that his presence in the NDC government has however abated the otherwise unprecedentedly exceedingly gargantuan corruption Ghana would have witnessed in her annals of socio-economic emancipation. The supposedly ongoing but diminished corruption goes to tell the immense rot and thievery the NDC with their intellectually and politically incapacitated President, are inflicting on Mother Ghana and Ghanaians.


An adage has it that, “For evil to triumph in society is for good people to sit doing nothing”. Dr. Kwabena Duffour then probably felt that by joining the NDC government would not only permit him to help Ghana but also, tame the wayward excesses by the notorious lawless NDC. Nevertheless, “one tree cannot make a forest” The Finance Minister regardless of how genuine and well-intended he is about rescuing Ghana from the evil-minded and corrupt NDC apparatchik, he can hardly succeed as a lone person crying in the wilderness. In this regard, why should he not resign since “bad companion corrupts good character?” In as much as he remains a staunch member of the NDC, dining and wining with them, all discerning Ghanaians will paint him with the same tarnished brush. No wonder his hard won reputation is hurtling down the filthy gutters or sewers of Accra, in the wake of the Woyomegate scandal. What a pity!


I will strongly advise the Finance Minister not to view the Woyomegate saga as a tiny political nuisance from rival quarters able to shrug off easily. It has come as stubborn dirt to stain his credibility if he fails to handle it professionally creditably. I hope he is able to extricate himself and then resign without ever thinking of associating himself with the NDC. Once bitten, twice shy and “he who lies with dogs catches fleas” As it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, so it is with the NDC. You can never wean them off their GARGANTUAN CORRUPTION.


A word to the wise is sufficient.



Rockson Adofo



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