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The French Realm within West Africa Remains!!

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Presidents, Mr. Macron and Mr. Ouattara, the French and Ivory Coast leaders respectively, have decided upon the synonym “ECO” as the new identity for the pending arrival of the new West African “Common” Currency that will replace the current “FCFA” denominated currency within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)-(The now 15 Member State Union established 1975 via the Treaty of Lagos). Can this Fiat currency be considered a help or hinderance to future Financial Independence, development and growth to the West African economic culture when the ECO currency is nothing more than an underwritten extension of the Archaic and Fiat Driven French Franc. Let’s create Money by Decree-A laptop in disguise!!!!! The answer to the World’s problems!!!! I think NOT!!!! Fiat currency is the means to an end!!!! THE END!!! (THE WESTERN WORLD AS WE KNOW IT)


The political, economic, social saga and destabilization of the French-speaking Black Africa nations continues to dictate ridicule towards its leaders from frustrated and deprived citizens.


There are many free thinkers who believe that once free and autonomous Africa could revolutionize the World economically and culturally. Africa, a continent blessed with unequalled natural resources and an abundance of faithful and peace-loving people. Albeit somewhat masked with a western veil, Africa is today a continent that has survived Arab, European and somewhat Global influence.


Historically hundreds of millions of African citizens have died in their fight of patriotism and faith whilst others still this day continue to perish due to artificial and fabricated political positional wars. These wars are nothing more than historic rulers and associated parties endeavoring to keep their position of financial strength and control within the African nations. In reality, the associated parties are mercenaries and employees whom are armed, financed and equipped by the Western World.


Why are the majority of leaders in French-speaking Africa unable to provide solutions to the forced upon poverty and cultural problems of their people-Could it be the French Financial Shackles?


There are several countries that have forcibly colonized the African continent on the grounds that they have brought civilization and peaceful religion to the alleged barbaric people of Africa. In reality, it is these alleged civilized people whom have orchestrated the cruelest genocide that this world has ever known.


Historically, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, England etc etc etc, all participated in colonizing countries in Africa until their independence was granted. All these countries once fully independent have maintained limiting relations commercial, sovereign and otherwise with the initial colonizing sovereign nations with the exception of France. It still maintains its right of “the colonizer”, with immense interference in the political, economic, social and military administration. France’ interference is not aimed at the interest of the colonized people but that of its colonial and archaic idea of role, financial control and reign.


The Method of rule by fear Management, iron fist politics and domination over its people and potential relief of such barbaric rule.


For example, the Ottoman Empire was a powerful empire that created immense threat and trouble for the English rule. The convincing strategy used by the English to break the strength and dynamism of the Ottoman Empire was to divide and conquer. The British rule alleged and portrayed many different facets of rule and religion to the multi-faceted Ottoman dynasty. Via infiltration, they maintained and directed to many different parts of the Ottoman empire the people were Muslim but not Turkish, some Muslim but not Arab, some of no real Ottoman descent at all, some Turkish of no recognized religion, etc.


This strategy of psychologically dividing Muslims into Ethnic groups created very serious confusion within the Ottoman Empire. This broke the solidarity movement that united the Ottoman Empire hence initiating infighting and wars, and thus overtime created patriotic doubt and allowed English rule to successfully dilute and diminish the Ottoman Empire.


The current ECOWAS currency, FCFA (Franc de Colonie Française d’Africa), used by France to underpin its financial hold on Africa, is about to be replaced by ECO via diktat of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in collaboration with the Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara. The FCFA currency is a duplicate model which was used by the Germans in France under the Nazi occupation and subsequently trashed after the German occupation ended. Today neither Germany nor any prior colonizing sovereign state other than France use these conquest strategies because the countries have created fierce resistance which have led to the abandonment of such practice. The once almighty British Crown conceded long ago, they must permit local and international currency recognition within its once sovereign realm even after independence of once controlled territories when only having and maintaining military assistance to such now independent sovereign states. The French government continues to use the Nazi model imposed by France under occupation of certain African nations. The FCFA currency is a profitable financial rent for the French government and has been deployed for almost a century. The FCFA currency is a serious handicap to future developments. The dates of birth on which the colonial governments mentioned or the governments of today mention ethnicity is with the intention of dividing the peoples of a country, making them believe that they are superior to the others. These divisions of the people allow the colonizers to play with the disturbing games of destabilization and insecurities. They allow the West or foreign powers to play on ethnic and clan division. The national cohesion that will allow the country to move forward and have access to development is nonexistent. This is a system of governing and developing extreme misery even within ethnic groups or the region of ruling cadres. It will be impossible for a president or a government to meet the minimum needs of its population, such as access to drinking water, health, education, self-sufficiency, etc. One meal a day is an obstacle course. Corruption has become the national anthem of different countries. The country’s development is replaced by economic, political and social gangsterism.


Can the new ECO currency create good conditions in the WAEMU countries and economic growth and prevent the people of the WAEMU from migrating elsewhere?


How the new currency was decreed. In 2018 French President, Mr. Macron received the Ivorian Presidents Alassane Ouattara and Macky Sall of Senegal. One of the important discussions was the devaluation of FCFA. The first area of concern was the ECAC (Economic Community of Central Africa) area where the subject of devaluation was of central importance. The reasons given to media as reasoning for such meetings taking place was the two Presidents Ouattara and Macky Sall of Senegal were to discuss the economy of this region and its malfunctioning.


In 2015, we published two articles: “The Global Banking Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries: The Case of Africa”, and in 2016 Africa – A Financier in Danger? We have highlighted the significant financial and economic risks the African countries run and we continue to be concerned for the future. More specifically French Black Africa, still does not awake from its long and deep dormant position. The French government has the right to liquidate everything to protect itself, including its French colonies in Africa. It is time to reflect collectively and find one or more urgent solutions to the problems. It is time to remove the so called Western experts and their sovereign entourage for they are not being completely not honest with Africa and its people. It is disappointing that the African countries have not sought independent experts to seriously think about resolving their financial struggles rather than just employing the same old traditional plunge and pillage sovereign charades. To govern is to foresee. Italy and Japan are the two countries that hold the majority of French debt. How healthy is the Italian economy? There isn’t much difference between Greece and Italy. Japan has nothing to write home about!!!!-A stagnant Fiat economy for almost a hundred years!!!!!: If today Italy and Japan were to start selling French bonds to raise liquidity, which country can afford or wish to buy such useless valueless paper? Japanese debt exceeds more than 200% of its GDP. The state of the French economy is walking backwards: factories are closing, agriculture is left behind. France once sent and sold everything to market it domestically bred agriculturally speaking-Now those cultural and social industries are dead and buried. France used to deploy the “you reap what you see” attitude. Sarkozy’s then government borrowed more than 10 billion Euros every month just to sustain the financial status quo of Fiat survival. France’ social and cultural expertise has diminished to that of a third world country. A society that once revolutionized the world through its culture and social know-how, is on the verge of bankruptcy.


This devaluation of the WAEMU countries from FCFA to ECO will not solve the problems for these countries and will not create anything dynamic and competitive. What does UEMOA produce? What are the factories processing raw materials-wise from WAEMU? Factories are closing and the ones that remain are in a rudimentary state for this 21st century.


The basis for calculating economic growth rates in French-speaking Africa are different from other countries. The high growth rates of French-speaking Africa have had no impact on the country other than creating misery. The unilateral devaluation of the French Government in 1994 and the current Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara has chronically damaged Black Africa. Poverty has increased; retail stores such pharmacies that were once air conditioned before the devaluation are replaced cheap inefficient fans. Pharmaceuticals that require storage in a temperature-controlled climate for patient consumption become toxic yet still dispensed. Pharmacies are now filled with drugs from India, Nigeria, being manufactured without hygiene and or percentage dose controls. People are dying from very simple and basic medical provision failure; Elected Presidents and Governments, so called Protectors of State and citizens appear to be neglecting their people in favor of a Rolex and a Western World retirement package. They are sending their hard-working loyal citizens to an early grave and care nothing for the African population at large.


The Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara in search of his 3rd mandate along with his colleagues still refuses to act in favor of his people directly. Whilst in the election process they use the veil of deceit, conspiracy and cloak and dagger to portray and position of social and economic assistance yet still without improving the lives of their people.  They stand at the lectern and preach their patriotism towards the Black African French speaking community dressed as the political wolf in sheep’s clothing. If only the citizens knew they were listening to the ultimate French Puppet!!!!!!! Only they are the ones whom are proud of the devaluation of FCFA to ECO which is being imposed unilaterally by the French Government of Macron. From FCFA to the ECO-From the frying pan into the fire!!!!!! French Black Africa goes from FCFA to ECO but still under the occupation of the French imperial government.  The French government and non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. ALLEGEDLY!!!!!! The French government asserts its policy of non-interference in the affairs of other states on the basis they are sovereign states. This is not always so. Take the two devaluations of FCFA 1994 and FCFA / ECO December 2019. A CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS GIFT-WE THINK NOT!!!!!

In 1994 the French government, Edouard Balladur under the Minister of Economy and Finance, devalued the FCFA by 100%. The French government coerced on the Presidents of Cote d´Ivoire and Senegal whom collapsed and accepted such without complaint. Accordingly, the three parties then confirmed to the other African presidents the fait accompli. The former President of the late Togo, Gnassingbé Eyadema, whom staged and struggled initially with the devaluation a little, finally succumbed to the economic pressure and publicly confirmed the majority was right. What were the reasons given? Did the government implement such measures to accompany this devaluation? The actions had very negative consequences on the economy of the people of those countries whom the French government claims to have helped, (huge inflation in suicides, strokes, heart attacks, tensions, etc.) The people were left behind without real consideration. The French government claimed the FCFA was an African currency and the African people should manage their currency on the grounds   they are sovereign nations!!!! WE THINK NOT!!!! ARE LEADERS ELECTED OR SELECTED??????


December 2019, Ivory Coast (Merry Christmas and New Year) with the French President, Mr. Macron and the Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara proudly accept and defend the transition from the old currency to the new. Will the currency prevail with the same problems-We believe so!!!!. If the ECO is supposed to be the financial savior as offered by UEMOA, why are many of the Europeans refusing to support such? For an alleged financial solution to what has been a long-standing public corruption why do the likes of Italy, Greece, Spain refuse to support such???? Probably on the grounds they cannot accept it with the financial and underwriting conditions imposed by the French Government? The French government continues this day to get involved with the internal affairs of French Black Africa.  What happened to independence, sovereignty and a Governmental separation of powers as supported by the worlds so called civilized nations???? France publicly with a veil of “international support and assistance” maintains a position within Black Africa as a Super Advisor, Military aid, Political stability, Social support and a Strategic and Economic partner. All done with the guise of “Diplomatic Ties”.


When there is peaceful protest within the Black African community or there is a social protest movement people go missing or get killed. Civilian violation and disappearance. Private international French speaking law enforcement appear on the scene. Who trains these soldiers and gendarmes whom allegedly protect society and communities at large? Where do they receive their authority to act????? Peaceful protesters are shot dead. Do the peaceful protesters get shot in European nations for peaceful protest? We think not. Which countries go to war with their civilians for standing up for patriotism and civil liberties?


How can the ECO and its benefits as alleged by Messrs. President Macron and Ouattara be adopted?


Democracy is respect for institutions and the people that constitute it. It seems that the people of the South do not deserve the democracy of the North. During the first and second devaluation, the people of French-speaking Black Africa had not been consulted. The people do not know why the FCFA was devalued. The reasoning staged was to allow these countries to be competitive economically. However competitive on what grounds and in what format???? compared to what? These countries only export raw materials, they do not process anything locally. Processing plants are from another generation. Countries that produce phosphate, do not have a recycling plant for wastewater, such is just thrown into the rivers and the sea. As a result, fishermen no longer fish, children not going to school, health care falls, rents don’t get paid, etc., illness rises due to neglect from government not providing bare essentials.


Why would the President of UEMOA (The Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa) take such a decision with immediate effect without giving time for other member countries to be able to discuss with their parliaments or hold a referendum so that a consensus be reached from this process?


Superficially, Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara is an internationally renowned economist, a man with a brilliant career, who has held prestigious political positions. We believe that President Ouattara used his talent to support the rich, not the poor. Domestically, university fees under the President increased from 9,000 FCFA to 200,000 FCFA. It can be deduced that poor parents whom have no chance of sending their children to university now want to kill themselves for the unreachable registration fees imposed by the Ouattara Government. Mr Ouattara justified the increase in these costs by stating that the government had rebuilt certain universities because of the rebellion which ran from 2002 until the war of 2010. The funds for reconstruction of schools and universities are financed by Sweden and another country in Scandinavia. These funds were donations to the Ivorian State; Mr. Ouattara did not feel sorry for the poor Ivorians. Mr. Soro was the lieutenant of Mr. Alassane Ouattara. He was the leader of the rebellion. Mr. Guillaume Soro had become Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and President of the National Assembly of Mr. Ouattara. Mr. Soro stated that the father of the Ivorian rebellion is Mr. Alassane Ouattara. The rebellion of 2002 and the war of 2010 were conflicts organized by the French government against the state of Côte d’Ivoire. The Hague trial which saw the acquittal of former Ivorian President Gbagbo and his Minister Blé Goudé were just part of the war process staged by the French government against the Ivorian state. It was the French army that entered the Ivorian lands and arrested former President Gbagbo, his wife and children and collaborators. Mr. Ouattara the man of France in power was selected not elected. The French government has used global media to promote false slander, propaganda and to justify the basis of this war. If not President Ouattara, the French government will use its army or mercenaries? Albeit now, they are placed as jihadists of the west, providing weapons, pay, and training by the Western world. The Ivorian president Ouattara installed by France favored the first and the second devaluation which took place. Certain selected not elected groups and private individuals caused the death of patients in Ivorian hospitals and health centers during the war of 2010. The medicines ordered and paid for were compromised and contaminated. Patients in hospitals, health centers and those on dialysis were suffering, The French government refused to deliver certain drugs, equipment, etc. Is it possible for the French-speaking Black people to legitimately determine and believe in any real benefits of the new ECO currency that Presidents Macron and Ouattara tout? The government of President Ouattara, expelled Nathalie Yamb, the executive advisor of the political party LIDER on the basis they disliked her honesty, open and frank candor. Is this democracy? If the government does not advocate what the LIDER Councilor says, they must debate her in a public forum and accordingly give the people chance to vet, witness and see for themselves what she has to say. She was expelled because she implicated the French government. Accordingly Mr. Ouattara silences every one whom has negative or poor statements regarding his governmental rule. Mr. Ouattara stated when he ran for office that he would only serve one term, subsequently after taking into account his ambitious program for Cote d’Ivoire, he then says two terms would be more than suited but be conclusive. Mr. Ouattara now runs after a third term and says the first term does not count because the constitution has been changed and amended. THE POLITICAL VEIL!!!!!!

WAEMU needs very urgent economic and monetary reform.


It is difficult to seriously analyze the single currency of THE ESODP without knowing of the games of certain institutions that are not at the service of these countries. Has UEMOA played a constructive role since its inception and had a positive impact on the development of these countries? In our opinion not much if any. Do we build a building without foundation??? The UEMOA countries do not control their currency and now they will not control the ECO. Leaders are acting recklessly and negligently and should act in favor of the people at all times and not themselves. It should be people before position. Any sovereign currency should belong to the people and not those that administer such.


The 2010 war in Côte d’Ivoire is fairly recent; families continue to mourn their dead and loss. Sarkozy’s French government of the time showed the true nature of the FCFA currency by blocking the sovereign bank accounts of the Ivorian government. These were sovereign African accounts that use the FCFA. In the month of April 2011, Côte d’Ivoire was primed to release its own currency. However the French army of Sarkozy’s government stepped in with “selecting” Mr. Ouattara thus the financial status quo remained.


The majority of the presidents of French-speaking Africa are selected and imposed upon the people by the French government. These leaders are selected and appointed by proxy by the French Government! Remember the Libyan UN resolution that recognizes Western-backed jihadists as the legitimate power of Libya. Libya was a thriving and well run culture that was a victim of its own success. Libyan people enjoyed free healthcare, free housing, free education and more yet would not conform to the western way hence had to be stopped in the eyes of the western world.


Under present rule, reform of UEMOA will be very difficult. The people want monetary reform but some “selected” presidents surrounded by fake super advisers, military, economic forums are afraid of the French government. Economic and monetary reform must take place at the LEVEL of the ESAE, using natural resources such as gold, silver, coffee, cocoa as the standard, thus underpinning the currency. Any country guaranteeing money via its fiat system will eventually fail. It’s just bad faith manipulation. The Western economy began its descent in 1971 when the Nixon administration suspended the gold standard. The Western economy has become a keyboard for printing cash. All sectors, economics, politics, and social are almost bankruptcy. France has become an aircraft without a pilot and lacks direction, purpose and common sense. There is an accumulation of failures of its African policy by imposing and maintaining African dictators upon the people whom are only in search of freedom and prosperity. The political cancer has spread so far it can be said that even most opposition parties within the African States are to be considered as nothing more than a political guise


Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and other French-speaking countries respect and love France and the French people. However It is the French Government’s policy towards Africa that is falling from bad to worse. The French government turns a blind eye to the abuses of the African governments on its people. The Africans who take to the streets to demonstrate are squashed, killed and or go missing. Moral is lower than ever before. Hospitals have become nothing more than a place to die, Schools and Universities are letting go of standards once comparable if not better than many in the western world. When the people manifest for simple human rights such as liberty, freedom and a chance to prosper, the police and military shoot to kill with weapons and cartridges made in France. The French government says it does not interfere in the affairs of other countries’ and their domestic policies. Is the imposing of a president, imposing monetary policy the right of French or African national??


Several years years ago, the Chadian President’s term was coming to an end and the president wanted to leave office. However, for some reason the minister chose to run again for office and remain in power? This is the cloak and dagger manipulation by the French government and its compadre’s of the African French Speaking nations. Both people and currency manipulation at its finest.


In 2012, when Captain Sanogo took power in Mali, he surprised everyone, even Sarkozy’s government, which was allegedly planning to destabilize Mali. The recapture of northern Mali and all the media advertisements by the French government is always the status quo. Mali is still divided, because of whom? Who funds the mercenaries-jihadists? Who’s arming them? Who advises them and gives logistics? 40% of Boko Haram’s weapons collected are weapons of the French government. To this day the French government have never denied the Chadian Minister’s details of his time in office. In Cameroon, there are French mercenaries fighting side by side with Boko Haram. In the Sahel, why is there an international based country with an interest in supporting the French mercenaries? What are the interests at stake? Very recently there were 35 Burkinabe soldiers killed by jihadist mercenaries who work for Westerners. What are the reasons for international defense agreements? Are they to be the vehicle used to distract, kill, or massacre honest people? Such international support is intended to be used for peace keeping and creating stability within a   region or jurisdiction not influencing domestic power and war.


Events that are now occurring in French-speaking Africa have gone way too far.


Defense agreements identify the happenings that have manifested themselves are way beyond any authority given to the French government directly or indirectly and show that they are a party somehow to what is occurring on the ground!


In Syria all the major super powers in the world have declared war on the Islamists. Yet all these super powers are using and purchasing Syrian energy. Why is there Always a domestic natural resource that is apparent and present when a super power invades a so called country without democracy?????


Year after year there is continued global political rhetoric with regards to terrorist and undemocratic Sovereign States that are creating slave nations and committing genocide.  Only the Sovereign States that have access to domestic natural resources are subject to this political rhetoric and persecution. You don’t have to look to far in front to witness what is occurring on an international basis-“IT is the western world and their political agenda and greed that is OCCURRING”. THE POLITICAL WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING IS NOW AN INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER WITHOUT BORDERS. THEY IMPOSE A ROBOTIC LEADER-THEY CREATE SOCIAL UNREST-THEY CREATE POLITICAL INSTABILITY-THEY CREATE FINANCIAL INSECURITY-THEY PROVIDE AN ALLEGED SOCIAL SOLUTION-THEY PROVIDE AN ALLEGED FINANCIAL SOLUTION-THEY PROVIDE AN ALLEGED CULTURAL SOLUTION-THE COUNTRY IS THEIRS!!!!!!


Dr. Mehenou Amouzou a obtenu son « Master in Business » à l’ « European Advanced Institute of Management » ainsi qu’un Certificat en finance et investissement à Paris (France). Il a complété ses études dans les Relations Internationales et les Stratégies Politiques et de Défense et a obtenu son Doctorat de Philosophie en Finance.




Raymond West, Fundacion Paraiso Sin Fronteras, Mr. Leroy Bryant, Mr. Morgan Lewis, Amouzou Nkrumah Production, Nouho Kamara, Mr. Yves Adjeme, Vassiriki Traore & Toure Moussa.

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