The Galaxy S4 also brings you the world in your pocket


Since its rumored development back in early 2012, the Galaxy S4 has been touted as being the next big thing. Come 2013 and we can see that much of the hype surrounding the enigmatic flagship is found to be true. The phone has a phenomenal processing power with its Octa-Core Processor powered by the SnapDragon range of processors. Add to that its high RAM capacity of 2 GB, the device is capable of effortlessly chewing through high powered tasks without even breaking a sweat.

The camera used in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is phenomenally clear, thanks to the primary camera?s 13 MP sensor. The secondary camera also boasts a 2 MP sensor which can result in high quality video chats as well. The new Sound and Shot feature found in the Samsung S4 is an innovative new photo taking experience as it captures a snippet of sound along with the picture. This will result in a deeper emotional experience with respect to memories and images that are captured.

The camera in the S IV is also capable of what is known as a Drama Shot. This involves taking a series of continuous shots which can be overlain over each other to form a collage like experience. The ability to erase the background image will allow for greater flexibility with this feature. This is a great way to erase photo bombers. Using the erase feature carefully will also allow you, with some practice, to form visual masterpieces. Experimenting with the Drama Shot feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4 will surely be a treat for photography enthusiasts.

The Galaxy S4 also brings you the world in your pocket.

Now, no matter where you go, you will never have to be at a disadvantage with respect to language. The S Translator featured in the S4 is an awesome tool for quick and efficient translations. It is capable of text-to-speech and also can handle speech-to-text very well. Some of the prominent languages featured in the S Translator are, Chinese, French, German, Brazilian and Latin American Languages among many others. When unable to connect to a data network, you will not need to fret, as the device is capable of offline support, thanks to over three thousand built in phrases in different languages.

The previous Flagship, the Galaxy S3 had brought in a few innovative features with respect to display as well. An adaptive brightness meter was helpful in adjusting the screen brightness with respect to the ambient light surrounding the device. The Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand, improves on this technology by applying adaptive settings on all aspects of the display driver. The Adapt Display function in the S4 will now efficiently adjust and tweak appropriate display settings so as to bring you the best viewing experience on the Super AMOLED display. This is sure to result in the best gaming experience as well as video and image viewing. Movies seen on the S4 will now appear richer and more detailed as compared to other displays thanks to the Adapt Display technology used in the phone. The settings result in comfortable viewing levels when seen indoors or outdoors. Image saturations can also be changed by the Automatic Display function which will add a level of richness to gaming and videos.

With a name like Life Companion, connectivity is a breeze. Samsung offers you the HomeSync service which allows you the privilege of sharing photos with friends and family right from home. The service is similar to the S3 and Dropbox connection. When taking images on the S3, it automatically syncs it to the Dropbox folder. In the same way, when you take memorable photos on the S4, it syncs it with HomeSync and shares them with your chosen family members and friends.

The S Voice makes a grand comeback in the Samsung S4, forming the best personal assistant available for smart phones thus far. It can easily pair with the Car?s Bluetooth service and allow you some hands free conversations while getting a great driving experience as well.  These are but a handful of the different features available on the S4, like the dual picture, hands free scrolling, Group Play and many other innovative features available on the device.

Samsung has a solid reason to celebrate as within a matter of weeks, the sales for the S4 shot up to over 10 million units worldwide. From over 110 different countries, the manufacturer aims to touch at least 150 different countries with the help of various carriers. Phones will thus be available in more countries through service contracts and also independently.

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