The Ghanaian Kente with its stunning multiple patterns

Kente Festival
Kente Festival

?Indeed, Ghanaian will attest to the fact that our kente with its stunning multiple patterns of bright colours coupled with the geometric shapes and gallant shipshape skillful designs, we really need to showcase the Ghanaians heritage to the international community for them to know the finest and authentic African legacy handwoven kente clothe.Our cultural heritage is rich and has so much to proffer and and to exhibit to expose it to the international community.

Kente Festival
Kente Festival

Frankly speaking, some might have seen the kente cloth but they do not know it is done so it is an opportunity for them to know how the kente clothes is woven.Kente cloth and other made in Ghana goods are needed to be promoted as well as attract the needed investment to the kente industry in Ghana and to strengthen cultural ties between Ghana and the the international community.
Kente in its uniqueness has been described as a unique textile and pride of Africa.It has over the years play a prominent role in the world of designs and fashion.The hand made fabric, which originated from the people of the Ashanti kingdom, has gained ubiquitous recognition especially international circles.
The word kente was patently derived from the Akan word KENTEN which connotes basket and is mostly produced by the people of BONWIRE and ADANWOMASE, SAKORA WONOO and NTONSO in the kwabre area of the Ashanti Region.Meanwhile, some areas in the Volta region, Togo and cote di voire are also noted for weaving kente.
The names of kente fabrics are usually derived from proverbs, historical events, important chiefs and queen-mothers so there are names such as FATHIAH FATA NKRUMAH,ADWENASA,GYE NYAME and NYANSAPO.
With the strip weaving method, young men display their skills by inventing a variety of kente patterns, each of which has a certain concept or concepts traditionally associated with it.For example,the OBAAKOFOOMMU MAN pattern symbolizes democratic rule,EMA DA novel creativity and knowlegde from experience and SIKA FRE MOGYA, responsibilty to share monetary success with one’s relations.
Original kente was perceived to be a sacred cloth worn by Akan royals for festive occasions, but in recent times, it is worn by everyone on important and social occasions.On special occasions such as, traditional wedding, engagements and special national events, the kente has become one of the preferred fabrics for many men and women.
For instance, during the recent 58th independence anniversary celebration of Ghana, distinguished men and women were sprucely spotted in splendid, rich and colourful kente, showcasing the uniqueness and the pride of the Ghanaian heritage.

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