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The Global pro LGBTQ Movement are Crossing Dangerous Lines and should be Confronted, beyond Defensive

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Strategic and Harmless Confronting of the Global Pro LGBTQ Movement.

The world, especially Africa, has been on the defensive for so long and there is the need to confront the global pro LGBTQ movement with relatable facts, not just simplistic religious standing. The Lord of Time and Timing is inspiring unquestionable facts, but He should put together the best of us towards achievements, to stop or counter their lies in the most vivid manner and rescue many, especially the children. Part or most of the solution is on the Lord, but good humans have a part to play. If the under five percent of western LGBTQ is making countless movies to normalise LGBTQ in the minds of even our children, then how many movies have we made to show how abnormal LGBTQ is ? Fact leaning satires can help lot more than imprisonment and angry religious sermons. We can crowd fund, instead of rage on social media. Our Rich folks in Africa, the Arab world, Russia, and even conscious westerners who can differentiate defending from promoting LGBTQ and oppose censorship of harmless opponents of LGBTQ can join us in just or tolerable cooperation. It is vital to respect the rights of LGBTQ , but never to the level of infringing on our responsibilities to ‘exhort each other to Truth and Patience ‘. We equally have the responsibility to educate our children to avoid what we deem abnormal and confront claims we deem illusory or lies. Our shortcomings in the heterosexual world certainly contribute to the LGBTQ rise, and I honestly believe there are heterosexuals who may be worse than LGBTQ. I also believe there will be LGBTQ who will admit their abnormalities and hidden facts before some excuse buying heterosexuals. A satire leaning movie script teaser will be offered at the end.

Sex is not the only thing God will judge, so any heterosexual who may be worse than average LGBTQ on other issues should be careful. Since humans multiplied and largely multiplying through sex, we cannot trivialise sexual choices. Our choices have effects even from secular perspective and the Global Pro LGBTQ have crossed a dangerous boundary that demands human reaction and perhaps even divine reaction. We have mindsets, words, and actions– so if LGBTQ can speak up their sexual mindsets and act on their desires, then heterosexuals must have similar rights, including our thoughts on LGBTQ. We cannot deny them their thoughts on heterosexual lifestyle, we actually want to dig it out through marijuana or marijuana inspired questions.

It is not totally factual that people are born heterosexual or LGBTQ, I think both are choices based on many factors. The natural world leans on heterosexual lifestyle, but human inventions significantly contribute to accepting LGBTQ. Gays using anal sex may be very long, female finger masturbation perhaps existed in some cultures , but the invention of plastic sex toys for women is how and why the west accepted LGBTQ. Feel free to study even the language of old western homosexual laws to confirm my claims. We are born with a tabular rasa (blank board) mind, but the words we hear and actions we see do contribute to building different types of mindsets, which eventually lead to a nice or painful destination, on and beyond earth.

Africa being the birthplace of humankind may or may not be the final destination or judgment place of humankind, but studying Africa in honesty can shed lot of light of human sexual evolution or devolution, from power to choices, then to reward or punishment. Scientific claims of the female African was almost as strong as the male may not be accurate on average, except with exceptions that continue to this date. Suppose African females were strong and still refused to work, or established cultures where men work harder, then that may explain why females became physically weaker due to minimal physical activities.

Fast forward to what more can relate with than history and barely known scientific theories than facts. The reasons African women oppose LGBTQ may be very different from the African male. Even the percentage of male vs female standing on LGBTQ is very different. The African woman who beliefs men should financially take care of women will less likely tolerate LGBTQ. The more independent African women, especially in the west, tend to tolerate LGBTQ more. The average African man rightly, or over, love women and find it hard to understand how any man can resist women. Such men will tolerate lesbians than other LGBTQ folks, but lesbians with average mindsets of African women can be very dangerous. Survival and financial greed kept many heterosexual relationships, but never ignore the happy heterosexual relationships, then and now. Now sexual greed, financial independence, and mainstream media’s implicit anti heterosexual lifestyle have pushed many women towards LGBTQ. Women accepting anything in society tends to change society.

This simply means our movement should not beg, but try to educate the best of women in both worlds and we will triumph. Many women, including the author of Harry Potter have begun to see the negative secular impact of LGBTQ, especially transgender. Where LGBTQ impact only men, many women may be indifferent. It is no secret that many women choose men for money and children, and that does not mean such men do not exist. So the lesbians will likely have children with men , have them pay child support, and then say they prefer their favorite gossiper as sexual partner?

Sexual Partnership is basically two aspects: The bed and outside the bed. The person you admire in looks leads to wanting to touch and magic may happen. Then you can adjust characters, which is increasingly harder now than before. Then you were likely from the same village or few kilometres apart, now you can be from different races or tribes, different levels of education, exposures, continents, etc, but still humans. The present is challenging, but offers even higher possible blessings through comparison , provided you both want to learn and have tolerable differences in speed. Partnership requires lot of tolerance and this is where LGBTQ largely fail. It is easier to love or relate to your type in gender or race, but the universal God created and testing us from local to global. The way the African woman molded the male through expectations makes it scary for her to see him with white, Arab , or Asian woman. Similarly are other women around the world or their men. Where there are differences in character, the character oriented folks will prefer one over the other; where there are differences in looks, the beauty oriented folks will have preference, but how about tolerance? If you do not want to get out of your race or comfort zone, then different gender may seem as option. Once you find happiness or higher happiness, running away from happiness is hard and searching for highest happiness can lead to pain or dangerous regrets. These facts exist beyond sex, study them on food, drugs, etc. So contentment, Tolerance, patience, etc are very crucial to a more balanced and longer lasting happiness in and beyond sex.

Our physical diversities in both genders will be testimonies against LGBTQ who lean on beauty; our differences in character leaning between the genders is also diverse between continents and demand searching or local uplifting through ch.103. This essentially means if Pete Bouttigieg honestly lists the physical attributes and characteristics he prefers in ‘white male’ as partner, he will likely find it in other women of the world, if reasonable. God have created even women with moustache and the manly body of Serena Williams is beyond many husbands, her soft voice may work for you on Tolerance or you look for the women with deeper voice and may mock my natural soft voice as ‘weak’.

People separate due to fear, greed, or arrogance. So if you live where one gender is encouraged on anyone of such, then a person who strongly disdain one or the three will have a hard test. You can luckily find a partner, but our position on global issues like LGBTQ is not limited to finding your perfect partner. We all have a position on how we see each other, just some of us are more vocal than others. When censorship kicks in, then many more may fear. When certain questions are asked, then the indifferent non thinker will be challenged beyond emotions. Sex seems personal from the bedroom, but when a lesbian neighbor adopts, your children will interact. Your child going to a bisexual couple can be scary or a transgender beating your girl child in female sports is no longer personal or private. The honest reality is male accommodated females in a very challenging world and history or mainstream media over focus on the worst of males to bring discord and ingratitude to many females. Options do reveal real character, or why my baby sister insists African women tolerated intolerable men? Her argument is after having children, where will you run to then? Her argument may not be totally faulty, but many happily stayed or knew life includes tolerance, including the unhappy man you deemed oppressive King. I think human focus on basic work and fun than learning limited our options and inventions, the good and bad.

The world of LGBTQ is not just a question of who makes you happy or who you love, to break up and keep searching. It includes what makes you happy, how, why, when, etc. Life is a journey, so we cannot ignore the past. You must resolve why you do not want the heterosexual lifestyle you saw and came from, and at what age? One of My niece was talking negative about boys when she was lot less then ten years; months or few years after , I caught her mouth kissing her much younger cousin. People are introduced to sexual thoughts, sexual words, or sexual actions by largely females, sometimes before our first wet dream. The mother of beauty leaning will spend lot of time and money to beautify daughters than dads try to build muscles and brains of boys. What you see everyday becomes like advertisement to your liking or meeting a completely different beauty will sweep you off your feet at certain age. Female enslaved or colonised our minds, then words of truth or lies will follow for actions. This is the general rule, but we interpret things differently. Even heterosexuals may claim her make up is too much and some girl child cry over braiding for just beauty? So a boy who likes simplicity may never understand the mother of her classmate imposed or indoctrinated her with that looks. Remember they have what is called top or bottom in LGBTQ. A top gay saying I want more make up or less make up? A bottom gay usually over like women or women’s lifestyle and copy them before or after first sex? If a bottom gay is all about beauty and cannot satisfy women, then trying to be sexually woman is the natural next step. The anal also have feeling nerves and he may enjoy anal sex like some women and men wrongly do. If he enjoys it and the next girl after girl told him ‘shameless one minute man’ or keep demanding gifts, then a challenge is offered. The top gay may have similar financial experiences or enjoys a tiny booky (female private part) , and may not like average Asian woman in looks or expectations. Of course other races have women with tiny booky too, but you may need luck and non masturbating ones.

The LGBTQ folks over value sex and their heterosexual supporting folks think our children who are yet to have first wet dream or see a fraction of different potential heterosexual partners should be told they can dismiss a whole gender based on exceptionally limited experience. At even age fifteen, my perception of women was limited to Gambian women, because we did not even have controlled TV in my country then. How little do I still know how different is the American city girls vs country girls or Russian girls? How much less do I know about Arab girls. Obviously if I have sex with ten women of every race, I may have an idea of how each race inclines sexually. However, FGM and non FGM African woman may be different within small Gambia, and how much more in Southern or central Africa. So looks may be one step, and I think every race have millions of good and ugly women. Second step is sexual happiness in short and long term: How you feel during sex, little after, and long after seems to be different between partners. You sure do not want to try an ugly girl and to discover she have the best sex, it becomes a hard choice. If you rate her A on looks, B on sex, then what rating on Character will make you stay or keep searching? All these three can change by choice or through God. If she has an accident and look terrible, only the ungrateful may run; but if she becomes lazy, fat, and refuse to exercise, then tell her to try some Africans+ who prefer so. God do sexually kill people, including cheating women. After how many months of bad sex will you consider tolerable versus intolerable ? Character is the widest challenge for couples, and you must know tolerance and other aspects of ch.103. If you cannot tolerate even your spouse, who will you tolerate? You can keep changing partners or try LGBTQ, but even their mainstream media admits they change partners more often. Once there are children, you should remember how much more to tolerate for the spouse and now for the children.

Even Atheist dummies do sometimes understand we are not alone and the test on earth is far beyond happiness. As children, we think the world revolves around happiness or fun, but parents led us to work in the old days, and now to learning and working worlds. So if homosexual Tim Cook tries harder than millions of heterosexuals at school, good for him. I do not mind working with some LGBTQ folks , especially under camera, than some useless heterosexuals who think the workplace is more about fun. However, the fun world or post learning and working cannot be void of should. Humans who worship wants in the learning, working, or having fun world will suffer. Sex is a crucial aspect of fun, so you must remember should and can , not just want. We already admit sexual dispositions exist in both heterosexual and LGBTQ worlds, but LGBTQ are blind to how much lot worse they are gambling children and arrogantly think they are above criticisms? We know that we are not your God to dictate your sexual lifestyle, but our responsibility to advise or speak our mind cannot be taken away from us. By trying so, you raise the possibility of higher confrontation. If someone is fired over opinion on LGBTQ, someone will likely attack an LGBTQ or imprecate for such. The attacks are retaliations. Spiritual to physical fights may then erupt, including heterosexuals who want to censor us in the name of care. I have repeatedly said I do not think LGBTQ folks in private places should be killed or jailed , except if they support our censorship or do such in public . As despicable as it seems to me, it falls under personal sins, so I will advise them for possible change, for God to forgive or punish. Once they censor me, make questionable cartoons for my relatives, censor my version of perception, etc then it no longer becomes personal sins. I have a responsibility to help the orphans and children of useless parents. We should be able to debate the should and should not of virtually anything, especially the sex that brought us on earth. Trying to stop the world of words for change, inevitably calls for actions that may be harder. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

LGBTQ Satirical Questions:

So the Lord of the Sun, the son, and the world woke me up with another nice inspiration, but will he teach how many through me now and realize it bigger to teach billions? The rise of Jarga Kebba Gigo will uplift many, but many will have to change or suffer. The two roads before the world are very clear and you must choose one. Popular LGBTQ Politicians, media folks, entertainers, etc. Are to be studied.

So Tim Cook of Apple, was it you or who gave the apple of fear, greed, and arrogance to Adam and Eve; and now a much worse one to LGBTQ ? Were you the spirit of your parents’ first wet dream or you came lot later to prevent wet dreams and periods? An X to Y, or the parents of x and y storage points? Were you saying, Dad how could you be with mum and her type around the world? I do not think any woman can sexually satisfy me, or may be I cannot sexually satisfy women ? At school, how did you honestly like or dislike women versus men? At work, you will have to compromise or Oprah will not call you a hero. At fun or sexual fun, no compromise, women are terrible or not good enough . Is it their looks , sexual ways, or expectations of society? Is Tim Cook a top or bottom Gay?

Mr. Pete Bouttigieg or booty-jeck is brought by the Lord of names , languages, positions, etc? I heard he knows many languages, but any African language? Booty is English, but Jeck means a woman of middle age in wollof, which he is when he entered world stage? Secretary or minister of infrastructure says the infrastructure of women is not ideal, so he claims to be a woman In man’s body. How many women did you ever try to satisfy or infrastructure was enough to judge? There are women who look manly, or your tolerance on looks is thin? What make you think your anal infrastructure can compete with many parts of a real female front infrastructure? Your husband have questions to answer, but I really want to know why you think Kamala Harris and the wives of your fellow cabinet members will be unbearable or why not preferred?

Diana King of Jamaica sang world hit record, ‘I want a shy guy’, but only to tell us she prefers women with shy plastic. She reportedly have a baby through normal sex, dumped him or she get dumped? When was the first time you masturbated Diana or are you top or bottom lesbian? Bottom lesbians tend to be sexually greedy, she said Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killa, Beenie man, and all Jamaican men are worthless or not good enough? A woman with batteries and the God of plastic is preferred over natural Peny (male private part)? Bounty Killa said she is lying on fear prevented her from coming out, but may be greed prevented her or ushered her in? Did she calculate receiving child support is smarter than paying for artificial insemination? Fear caused her to lie to a man she did not love or even his type? May be she treated him bad and he begged, and deserve no pity?

Brittney Griner is a top Lesbian at what age? She likes the sexual cries of women or knew no man should be on top of her? Top lesbians tend to be ugly, the ones men hardly approach or do they resort to ‘if I was a guy, I will do everything my woman wants me to do’. Aha! Guilty heterosexual Beyoncé sang that song? When was the last time plastic or real thing went into Griner? Do they take turns for hours or one is mainly or totally husband ? Outside bed, she claims to be a woman to beat women in basketball until transgender or half a woman beat her type? In jail, I don’t mind her looks; on a needy day and with Marijuana, she can be dangerous if she have good character, good sex, and I rate her looks around C. How can you run from a woman with good character? Is it patriarchal or matriarchal in most lesbians world?

Don Lemon is sour like lemon or just his lies are lemon like? But I like lemons and women who are sweet or tolerably sour. Don can work around women on CNN, but think women are sexually terrible? As journalist , you can precisely tell us where men are preferred over women in character? I can tell you where I preferred or disdained every ex. Are you top or bottom? Public figure gays hardly dress like traditional woman ; Pete will dress like Kamala Harris in suit or who will be the first to politician gay to dress like Ms. Obama? Don travels the world, but if you cannot sexually satisfy even Asian woman, then you may have to look for a man to satisfy you? Indeed weakness do contribute to LGBTQ. Marijuana does boost sexual performance, not just sexual desires of interracial heterosexuals, as Harry Anslinger claimed.

Ms. Argentina and Ms. Puerto Rico are reportedly lesbians that married. Were they honest to local and international followers? How many men each kept as friends for gifts or poor sex with secret masturbation? I know the prettiest girls hardly compete, but they are evidence of probable pretty lesbian couples, who can easily find men than Griner and the like. Women admire beauty , including female body, and Oprah confessed to that. African females will endlessly compliment each others beauty, but hardly men’s look until they are married or of age and conquered some fear? So lesbians due to looks, lesbians due to long plastic sex, lesbians due to character outside sex, including long gossips, can be interestingly studied. Still, give them marijuana with real guys to question them and they may give it up and claim to be bisexuals. Emotions are hard to control, especially by females and children.

Sex is physical, but also largely emotional than mental. So our sexual mindsets can certainly change based on words, physical or emotional experiences. Our minds cannot recognise a male or female soul. You can dress or alter a gender in a way that will attract you falsely. If humans can invent sexual parts from plastic to costly operations, then using words to affect minds is easy, especially with children. I do not recommend being mean to children who claim to be LGBTQ, but you should not encourage them. Instead , question them, teach them, and have patience with them. Our sexual thoughts as heterosexuals do change with time and one of the prominent adult transgender in u.s is confessing regrets and how the business aspects of it in u.s is targeting children. This precisely explains why money worshipping politicians are pro LGBTQ. Women being the more naive gender to Satans of different times may ignore buying books and saving for university, were perhaps convincing dads on transgender operations for even kids? Now the smarter women with normal children are smarter than the men who follow bad wives for operations children may regret. I support even teenage marriage with parent’s approval, but they claim teenagers regret such. So if you are not yet even a teenager, why should I support illusions you may regret? If he is boy demanding female clothes, refuse and tell him to learn from Pete. You are a child! Focus on education until you are twenty, then you can dismiss the heterosexuals of animals before humans were created. We can certainly create a much more dialogue oriented movie scripts to edutain different ages. Let’s pray and try to help each other beyond wishes.

Optional note:

strong re-education should be the primary way to counter many things, including LGBTQ. I do not think prison and questionable laws are effective. The West should be confronted on LGBTQ and God’s curse be upon those who try to stop my type. If you can quote weaker opponents, show videos of extreme opponents, then you should be able to organise a debate for my type or allow a fair playing field , from books to movies. The world of mindsets demand more than promoting what you believe, but reasonably pointing out potential preachers faults. For example, a Christian preaching Christianity is fine, but I have to tell my child why I believe Christianity is not ideal. The cowardly Christian cannot claim that puts them at risk, when I clearly claims leave Christians alone with God, unless they attack you. Similarly, seeing countless promotions of LGBTQ demand we point out where we deem them wrong. We give them the right to speak against heterosexual, polygamy, monogamy, or anything they deem wrong, abnormal, desire worshipping, etc. They can point out potential dangers of our words for debate, but we can similarly point out potential dangers of their words and actions. Children and women like praises, if you call a child a hero for claiming to be LGBTQ, you are encouraging him or her. Show your heroism on education and thinking, not questionable emotional standing on sex, something adults like me are still considered rising students.

Those of you in the movie industry can contact me on WhatsApp +220 3787 999 and we can write very strong movies beyond LGBTQ. It can be factual, edutaining, and far beyond the world of sex, but pushing them to questions for deeper thinking than the emotions they worship. They clearly pressure Africa than Middle East, Russia, and China; so we should resist with or without rich Arabs+ who may frown at even a movie…

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