The Homosexuality Politics Saga

At the beginning of creation, God in his wisdom created Man and then Woman, namely Adam and then Eve, to be husband and wife. They were ordained to produce children to take dominion of the earth. Their marriage and for that matter, all marriages between Man and Woman receive the blessings of God, spiritually and physically.
By divine right Homosexuality is abomination to God. It is satanic and no sane person will accept it or defend it. It is a taboo to humanity and demeaning to to the persons involved.
During the process of development, procreation of human beings, and in the course of time, the human race has become more and more brutish, demeaning and rebellious. Desires, the wanting to possess, to be and to have is still growing and with lusts and cravings that has led humanity come under the control of the Dark Kingdom. Men began to desire women and took several women. The lusts of the flesh for the woman’s body increased. More and more, the lusting of the senses and their gratification took precedence over the begetting of a child. The lusts increased and extended to Homosexuality , debasing the image of humanity.
Today the lusts of man has increased so much, that Satan is happy to have increased his negative influence on mankind in challenging God. It is no wonder that we have learned personalities, World political leaders, people in good public standings and respected, religious and scientific fraternities of the world accepting and defending Homosexuality in the name of human right. They seem to be myopic and intellectually bankrupt,forgetting that it is this Homosexuality practice which was the major cause for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, one of the great Wraths meted to man by God in the history of mankind.
One may ask, are the so-called World political leaders , human right activists and all defenders of homosexuality agents of the Dark Kingdom? If so , are they influenced to redirect the world’s moral values and Divine order to the line of Satan? Secondly, do these people have conscience? Thirdly, do these people know the consequences of their behaviors both spiritually and physically?
Homosexuality and for that matter, Lesbianism are not human rights and will never be.Those who agree to it know where they come from and should not impose it on innocent beings and other people. They are a lost nation who need repentance and deliverance from their sinful nature. They are debasing their human quality and status. Even babies and animals know it is insane to adopt such practice and lifestyles. The irony of it is that, it is mostly learned people in the cities and urban areas who are found involved in this practice or lifestyles, confirming the old adage that, ”too much civilization brings difficulties.”
Is it not sad and pathetic to hear world leaders using human rights as basis for legalising Homosexuality and having the gusts to threaten other countries ,which do not legalise it. Are they serious with conscience? It is not a supprise to hear concerned people call them rulers of modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.
Is history repeating itself the way the world is being led, with increasing Moral decadence and Satanic practices going on in every corner of the world. No country on this earth has the right or moral authority to impose Homosexuality practice on another country and for that matter as a basis to refuse development aid.
These threats of cutting off aid to countries in the Third world, for not legalising Homosexuality and Lesbianism is a wake up message to those countries in Africa endowed with so much natural resources and still cannot up to date manage these resources for socio-economic development to better the lives of their people and continue to live on donations and loans from the developed world.
Especially Ghana, with all her rich natural and human resources, with 54 years independence experience and the first to gain self-rule in Africa is still at the mercy of her colonial masters and even fellow progressive third world countries. Is it not a shame that Ghana cannot to date stand on her feet or boast of any meaningful socio-economic achievement since the first republic, that might have raised the living standard of the people. Rather conditions are declining and people are getting poorer.
Based on this inability to manage and harness their own natural resources for socio-economic progress, these countries will continue to be vunerable for subjection to unwarranted and demeaning conditions and dictates,
It is time for Ghanaian leaders and for that matter, African leaders to sit up and do away with their greed and corruption and mobilise their engineers, technocrats, technical men, professionals, scientists and all know -how citizens, irrespective of their political color to manage and harness them for socio-economic development to better the people’s quality of life. Our learned people should be nationalistic and patriotic to their countries. Really, African leaders since after the founders of independence have failed their people. They have been worse than the colonial master and need to bow their heads in shame and also appologise to the people.
Homosexuality is self-debasing, self-destruction and rebellious against the creator God.
Homosexuals, Lesbians and bi-sexuals are all sick in the mind and Satanic preparing themselves for Hell. I write you the truth, ”Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap”. Gal. 6:7.

Yours faithfully,
Samuel Donkor
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