The impact of COVID-19 on fashion trends


The COVID-19 pandemic has had impacts on numerous sectors including the fashion industry which has generated colorful trends through designs and style of dressing.

A visit by the GNA Entertainment to the Central Business District of Accra showed that dressmakers, in the wake of the pandemic, had begun a commercial production of nose masks.

The GNA observed a remarkable impact of the pandemic on people with regard to fashion as most people had incorporated the use of nose masks into their way of dressing.

In an interaction with a number of them, apparently, customers who went to sew dresses demanded that face masks be sewn out of same materials or cloth.

Mr. Abiodun Animahasun, a fashion designer, said there had been countless orders for nose masks from his customers, a situation that had made him adopt the culture of ‘sewing and selling’ to provide mutual benefits to customers and himself.

“COVID-9 has greatly impacted my sense of fashion”, he added.

He said the rate at which customers patronised his services declined drastically during the imposition of restrictions on movement and social gatherings among others as part of measures to control the spread of the respiratory disease.

However, he bemoaned that his business was still moving slowly even in the yuletide, a situation which was rare.

On the part of Ms Monica Amevlovi, another dressmaker, very few customers had sewn dresses together with nose masks using same cloth.

Madam Janet Opoku said most of her customers usually demanded for nose masks in addition to their yet-to-be-sewn fabrics.

She said business became ineffective at the onset of the pandemic which negatively affected her sales..

“Sometimes, I come to work and stay throughout the day without a single customer coming here”, she explained.

She, however, expressed joy over the picking up of her business due to the Christmas festivities.

Ms Sarah Kafui Agbemofe and Madam Naana Pokua, both fashion designers, said they had also sewn nose masks for many customers and at times did it without charges.

The GNA observed that despite the effect that COVID-19 had on fashion trends which should have generated more sales for players in the local fabric and dressmaking industry, the situation was otherwise.

In an interaction with Mr. Ofosu Mensah, he said he had joined the new fashion trend to sew shirts and face masks to make a combination in most of his outings.

“When the ban on Churches was lifted, I realized many people had sewn shirts and face masks with same print, so I decided to add colour to my fashion line too,” he added.


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