The impact of using Ecological Rockets Stoves for cooking

A women demonstrations on the use of the rocket stove in the Mion District.
A women demonstrations on the use of the rocket stove in the Mion District.

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) has Introduced adoption and sustainable use of energy efficient Cook Rockets Stoves called the “Ecological Stoves” in the Mion District in the Northern Region.

The Ecological Rockets Stoves is a fuel efficient fuel-efficient stove Project as part of the Regreening Africa project to enhance environmental protection.

Mr Philip Atiim, the Project Manager for the Regreening Africa Project at Catholic Relief Service (CSR) told Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the project was funded by the European Union through the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) at Kenya with support also from and the Empowerment through Innovation Project implemented by (CRS funded).

He indicated that the project focus was to reduce the use of fuel wood for cooking as a means of checking the fast deforestation situation effects and also to reduce the time spent on cooking as a labour saving mechanism for women and girls who are an integral part of the Agriculture workforce in the rural communities.

Another motivation for the stoves is to and militating against the health hazard such as smoke inhalation, burns to the body and fire outbreak that are associated and risk with the use of the traditional cook stoves that have naked flame.

He said the Eco Rocket Stoves were manufactured based on the inspiration from the Rocket Stoves designed by AAK-CO-Development Company mass heats were a space heating system expanded from the Rockets Stove, which is considered as one of the most efficient wood-burning technologies.

Mr Atiim said the Eco rocket mass stoves heater offers higher efficiency ratings and claims to be able to use 80 to 90 percent less fuel to cook.

He said the Eco Rocket Stoves are the best for cooking as they are low-cost, local material use, lightweight, less firewood, easy to maintain and easy to use especially in the rural areas.

According to him, there is about 80% adoption rate in the first batch of beneficiary communities in the district.

rocket stove
rocket stove
Most of the women find the stove to be comparatively very economical and are able to reduce in the rural areas now cook with local Rocket Stoves to reduce their expenditure on buying LPG expensive gas which is neither accessible nor affordable to cook.

As part of the project, the women were trained in the Mion District on the construction and the usage of the rocket stoves.

GNA visited the Miond District to interact with the beneficiaries of the project and they confirmed that the new Eco cook Stoves cook faster and need less firewood which is economical to them and it has a positive impact on household finances.

Miss Fati Hardi, a beneficiary of the project in Mion district said the rocket stoves generate less smoke than the traditional ones.

Miss Faiza Iddrisu, also a beneficiary at the Mion district told GNA that the pot does not move on the improved stove unlike traditional three stones stove.

And that food is able to keep warm for hours after cooking. She was particularly impressed by the fact that with the same amount of fuel wood, two burners can be contracted to enable one cook two dishes at the same time.

They beneficiaries were very happy for the technology and shared a lot of gratitude to the donors and their partners.

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