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The letter caused all the mess


The nakedness of the NPP has once again been exposed and this time it is not their inability to conduct their internal elections, but someone wrote a reckless letter to United Television (Utv) to reform their United Showbiz. The reason was, that person thought the show has now been skewed in favor of the NDC.

Because of the recklessness of one person, the NPP has become a begging party. The leadership of the party is going around begging the management of Utv, the producers of United Showbiz, the host of United Showbiz, some panelists of the Showbiz, and Ghanaians in general.

I saw that the letter was signed by the Director of Finance and Administration of the party, Mr. William Yamoah. Is he still at post or he has since been fired? I am asking this because once upon a time, someone got a copy of the party’s letterhead belonging to the then General Secretary, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong and wrote on the letter that the General Secretary of the party had resigned. Later, in his term, Kwabena Agyepong was fired.

Today, the leadership of the party is saying they did not write that letter, and it doesn’t look like they are interested in who wrote that letter. So, why is it that it is only in the NPP that someone could use their official letterhead to write anything at all on it, then later, they come and say they had no knowledge of the contents of that letter? Something is definitely wrong with the current NPP.

So with all the many problems confronting the country and the NPP, the most important to them is the reformation of the United Showbiz programming? But, has the NPP reformed itself after their super delegates conference? What kind of nonsense is that? Why is the NPP behaving like Nana Addo is our first and only President so far?

The NPP are trying very hard to shift to blame unto A-plus, who tored the said letter during live show. A-plus has been on the show a thousand times. When did he tear a paper on the show? Was it not when that foolish letter was written to direct the Despite Media? Has the NPP thought that the person who brought sugar cane to the house, also brought the butterflies?

If the NPP cannot get themselves out of their own mess, how can they get you out of your mess? Just resolve to vote them out on December 7, 2024. By the way, is it true that those hooligans at Utv were from Bawumia’s camp?

Mahama reba.

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