The Mahatma Ghandi’s Seven Deadly Sins and Govnr. Orji


OrjiMahatma Gandhi sees these below as ?Seven Deadly Sins”:
(1) Wealth without work
(2) Pleasure without conscience
(3) Science without humanity
(4) Knowledge without character
(5) Politics without principle
(6) Commerce without morality
(7) Worship without sacrifice.

As if Gandhi had the government of Gov. T.A Orji at heart; the recent
development in a place like Aba, where every building is tagged with
an abhorrent paper, demanding that landlords should pay outrageously
nothing less than One Hundred Thousand (N100, 000), is in the items
that Gandhi cries against. What about the so-called Infrastructural
Development Levy of not less than Eighty Thousand naira (N80, 000)?
These payments were coming when every citizen in Abia is so rich? Is
this not wealth without work?

Gandhi cries against peoples and governments that operate like
swindle-artistes. These types of peoples of governments like taking
praise on titular projects, even the ones that were being done by Non
Government Organisations (NGO). Do not dare challenge them on any
issues that do not meet the eyes, their assemblage of gangsters
christened aides would shout you down. ?Do you not know that it is a
governor that you are talking to and asking questions like that?? the
aides would retort. Is this not Politics without principle?

In Abia State, if you criticize Gov. T.A Orji government, these aides
would open more and more Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail accounts and blogs
with fake names just to malign you. They have been doing to me and
writing one article with over seven names. Does this habit not show
that they are not writers? They like saying that my articles are
?Incoherent and the syntax are poor?. But these are the same articles
that our editors and their foreign counterparts use without rewarding
me with blemish. This has proved to these aides the Igbo saying that
if a rat escapes the grip of a child, that child characterizes the rat
by ?it is a small rat of no use?. Is this not Knowledge without

A friend of mine says that for anybody to build false appearances is a
silly show. This is not far from Gov. Orji. His aides like building
false appearances around him, according to my friend, by having
sycophants sing his praises in public, and try to threaten and
intimidate anyone that did not kow-tow to the orchestrated praises. My
friend weeps: ?I am embarrassed on behalf of Nigeria to have such a
bare ferry called a state governor … Seriously embarrassed…? Is
this not Commerce without morality?

The unsuspecting publics need to sojourn to Abia State to know who is
talking about the state out of hatred: Whether it is the critics
asking Gov. Orji to wake up from slumber or the aides asking him to
sit down perpetually that he has done enough for Abia State. Someone
dear to me characterizes the depravity of the governor in the state
by, ?Abia is a tourist resort for Banana governance. There is hardly
any fitting epithet left in the vocabulary of failure to capture the
performance of that pain-in-the-neck called T.A. Orji. I hate the
indifference of Abia people?? Did you see Pleasure without conscience?

Some revelations are of the contention that I am even lucky that the
aides have not sent assassins against me. But they have though been
doing and sending dire missives to me using pseudonyms ? their
trademark. Talking about the nuisance they have flooded the internet
with against me will not contain here. A friend calls this type of
behavior and attributes same as, ?delusional psychos.? Why these aides
chose the lazy man?s way of trying to assassinate the character of
critics is because they know that all of them joined together can?t
say what a non-sycophantic Abian would hear. So, they resort to
brickbats and slandering of the image of the people, yet their
countless attempts cannot overshadow the indomitable voices of the
true Abia people. Did you see Science without humanity?

In Igbo we do say that when you give a child something that is greater
than him, he would ask whom the giver wants him to send the item to.
This is the case with Gov. Orji. He unexpectedly found himself in a
conspicuous position, having mounted the saddle straight from the
gulag at Kirikiri. Somebody was asking if his coming from the prisons
is why his government is vision-less, purposeless, plan-less and
bereft of focus. Is this not a case of (Position without work?)

The good people of Abia state are still at amiss why this Gov. Orji
government has failed not to wake up, owing to the enormous monthly
allocations to the state that have improved overtime since the
governor came to power. However, our people are saying that no evil
person shall go unpunished. They are saying that evil has never
triumphed over good. ?If T. A.Orji and his spiteful cronies had the
competence and morals to preside over human affairs, they wouldn’t
take their unabashed and pettiness to this disgusting and appalling
level; but what does one expect from a governor who has become a hero
of mis-governance? T.A. Orji and his boys can only get worse on a
daily basis; it’s an embarrassment my dear state of Abia and it’s
people are the victims!? cries a renowned public affairs analyst.

Because of the rot that Abia has become, somebody was especially
suggesting of another ?Aba Women Riot? or that the civil liberty
organisations should take the state government to court. These
suggestions may be good, but this is a state where lawyers have been
desecrated for rising up against the anomie that is called governance
in Abia State. The lawyers even protested, wearing rain-boots. Yet,
somebody is answering Ochendo in Government House, Umuahia. Did
Mahatma Gandhi not talk about Politics without principle?

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, contributed this piece from Rivers
State. Tel: +2348032552855. Email:?

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