The Masked Life Called Womanhood

As a young woman, many many ideas and thoughts run with me on a daily basis. My inspiration is not really in a mentor, friend, family, or man… No not really. My inspiration comes from random thoughts about life, love and nature. I’ve always thought of the liberating nature of today’s woman and I have wondered if it’s for our good or doom. Today’s woman has been taught to be independent but this independence I must say, comes with a cost (an expensive one for that matter). Look good, be educated, have social class… these are some of the things that are expected from today’s woman.
Personally, whenever I’m setting out to go somewhere, I expect to look my best. But it comes with a cost. A cost I’m sometimes not able to afford, because well, I’m not earning my own money. But you see, that’s the problem because I see nice things I want to get all the time and who am I to demand for them? “Work your ass off and you can get there too”, this doesn’t seem a bad advice at all but what about getting it now especially when your support system is weak. We are in competition with no other person than ourselves you know?
Glorified messengers that we are. Busy bodies, as I may want to put it.We are always happy running around chasing things which never want to chase us back. Who sends us anyway? I guess it’s the urge to turn into an envy in society that causes us to behave in a certain way. Women! We strive, we fight, and we are tagged ‘warriors’. The young is taught to be independent and depend on her own abilities. She should not weaken her guards for a man who will not treat her well. What do we then teach the men? Nothing? Who are we fooling anyway? There is a sickness in the bones of humans. Always seeking answers but never finding any. The woman in me has been suppressed to think and act in a particular way. I have been caged like a bird, just like any other woman I know. “You dare not stand up to your feelings for a man, or else he takes advantage of you”, they say.
Do not play football. Never visit a man. Do not have sex at random like you’re the man. The man is stronger than you, do not challenge their authority. Dress to kill but make sure you don’t expose too much. Forget your sex drive, let the man make the first move. Go to school, find work, get married and make babies. The higher you reach, the more you scare the men away, and that may leave you lonely. Women all around the world need to be constantly reminded of these rules. Is it necessary at all? Can’t women have a voice of their own?
Really, the bird in me wants to run free. I want to be able to explore life in my own ways not being judged for how much meat I decide to chew. We should not be forced to change who we really are and want to be. The onus lies within a sister, mother, and a friend to challenge the status quo.
I will throw the question back at you. What do you want so badly that the world is stopping you from achieving? Are you okay with the life you are subjected to? What will you do in your power to change what you have been conformed to accept as the norm?
From: Justica Anima
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