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The Military Brutality at Ashaiman Is an Affront to Democracy – Michael Smart-Abbey

Ashaiman military brutality
Ashaiman military brutality

Article 15 clauses 1,2 and 3 stipulates that the dignity of every Ghanaian must be respected. That no person shall whether or not if arrested, restricted or detained be subjected to torture or cruel inhuman treatment or punishment.(2)

That a person who has not been convicted of a criminal offense shall not be treated as a convicted person (3).

So what crime did the people of Ashiaman committed under the constitutional provision to be meeted with this unlawful military brutality sanctioned by the military high command ie the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, the President of the Republic?

It is evident that The actions of the GAF in recent years has been very appalling, discriminatory, unlawful and unwarranted and must be called to order in order not to throw the entire State of Ghana into an abyss especially when the good citizens of Ghana decides to defend themselves against this tyranny and abuse of power by the GAF to which the President is the Commander in Chief.

The Security Service Act 537 of 1997 has clearly spelt out the duties of the Security Service ie Military, Police, Prisons, Fire, National Security, and the NIB Services. So, when it comes to internal security and maintaining Law and Order, it the responsibility of the Ghana Police (Act 350 of 1970) and when it comes to defending the territorial integrity of Ghana by air, land and sea Is the responsibility of the Ghana Armed Forces. (Act 105 of 1962). So the dichotomy of various responsibility of various security services has been clearly defined by the Constitution of Ghana.

Thus, the notoriority of the GAF is unconstitutional in recent years questioning the integrity of the GAF. Therefore the involvement of the GAF in our democratic governance is an afront to democracy since their interference in the democratic dispensation is contravenes the constitution.

Since 2017, the Ghana Armed Forces have interfered with the work of the Ghana Police in maintaining Law and Order. The Military was involved in the Kplejo brutalities of innocent citizens when citizens protested against Military take over of their landed property and till date they have gone away with this crime. The Military again was involved in the killing of 8 innocent citizens in Tachiman during the 2020 elections and till date no one has been brought to book. The Military was involved in the Ejura shootings killing innocent citizens and no one has been brought to book. Not forgetting the Parliamentary invasion by the Military to circumvent a democratic process of electing a Speaker of Parliament and Many more atrocities committed by the GAF under the Nana Akuffo Addo and Dr Bawumia government and recently the invasion and brutality of the Ashiaman people sanctioned by the military high command.

No one supoorts crime and killing of an innocent citizen. So though we condemn the killing of the innocent soldier in Ashiaman does not also give the Military the warrant to take the Law into their hands by brutalizing innocent citizens of Ashiaman as retaliation. This is uncalled-for and the high ranking military command should be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to the GAF in taking such a step again. This matter of killing is a matter of law to which the Ghana Police ought to investigate and not the military. So arresting and detaining innocent citizens for crime they have not committed amounts to crime against humanity under human right Law.

In the light of this, the President who is the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces should act swiftly by bringing the perpetrators to book as an assurance that he is committed to upholding the rule of law and defending the rights of citizens. If the President fails to do this, I entreat all victims of the Ashiaman military brutality to sue the President and the Ghana Armed Forces to demand for compensation. No one is above the law and so the action of the Military is an afront to democracy.

Am a Citizen ✍️

Article by Dr. Michael Smart-Abbey. A Security Intelligence Expert and Instructor. He is also a Governance Expert Political Analyst, Historian and Theologian.

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Email. smartabbeymichael2404@gmail.com

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