Tanzania is a place where you realize the dream safari. The country is politically stable and friendly people. Tanzania’s national parks are the most dramatic and diverse African wildlife areas. Below are only seven national parks of this extraordinary land in Tanzania taste.

First Gombe Stream National Park and Mahal Mountains National Park sits next to the remote west of Tanzania. They along with one of the largest lakes in Africa – Tanganyika. They offer a rare opportunity to observe and study the behavior of macaques. This area is well off the beaten track and are not readily available. The only reliable way to reach this remote park is to fly to Kigoma town. Since there are no roads Kikoma parks, access to the lake by boat along the paths of the chimpanzee, which is home to some of the last troops of wild chimpanzees in Africa.

Second Kilimanjaro National Park is in contrast Gombe Stream is readily available and proudly 5895m Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest point and the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

I discovered that the peak of the snow are just a few hours away from the tropical coast. This incredible trek climbs consists of brown dust over the plains of Africa tropical forests than ever to top the ice and snow. In addition to arctic view of the majestic mountain summit is probably the most prominent in East Africa.

Third Ngorongoro Crater, predicts little “eighth wonder of the world’s” awe-inspiring collapsed volcano, surrounded by sheer walls near the crater is breathtaking and there are steep descent into your 4×4 safari makers of high-Landover. This small area is often similar to a mini Serengeti Lake savanna and forest in such a small area you can see many different habitats of animals for a short time.

Ngorongoro Crater is truly unique in Africa.

4th Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Park Road and is the first national park in Tanzania, created primarily to protect the flora and fauna as. This National Park is forcing you out of your vehicle to continue their safari on foot. There is no place on the luxury at this park, so be sure to explore these mountains include the hard core hikes and camping. Remote parts of the park is dangerous and inaccessible during the wet season.

5th Serengeti National Park home to the last great migration of our planet. These endless plains, the valleys, hills and forests, as well as open meadows that seem to stretch forever. Each season offers something different from the Serengeti, something special.

6th In contrast to the ever popular Serengeti is single Katav, National Park remote and inaccessible west of Tanzania. This park is the largest herds, buffalo in Africa and there are water buffalo, lions are not far behind. It is rumored that when the guest is driving to the park gate guards are shocked and bewildered by the rare tourists to this park. Here, this park only other people you will meet other guests and employees in their tented lodge. Here you have one million hectares of yourself.

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