The NDC’s speed in property and money grabbing is spectacular


The lightning speed at which appointees of the governing National Democratic Congress are grabbing money and property is spectacularly shocking, a policy analyst of the opposition NPP has said.

Mr Kwaku Kwarteng said the notion in government appears to be that “it is now or never.”

Cataloguing a litany of incidents he said were clear cases of corruption and graft, Mr Kwarteng said for the incoming NDC government to have spent a whopping GHC130,000 on tea during the transition sittings was hard to believe.

“Normally you would expect a government to traverse the first term, as they get into the subsequent terms, people get complacent, power gets into their heads and then people want to punish you that you are getting swollen-headed; but it would appear that from the outset there were too many people in this administration that decided that it is now or never,” he stated.

Mr Kwaku Kwarteng, who is also the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary candidate for Obuasi was speaking on MultiTV’s political discussion programme, Minority Caucus Wednesday.

He said while the NPP stood to gain from dissatisfaction of the citizenry on accord of the government’s corrupt tendencies, he was worried that the party may inherit a messy economy.

Speaking to the over-flogged issue of judgment debt, Mr Kwarteng said politicians had developed new ways of stealing from the people and that was fictitious judgment debts, citing the Woyomegate scandal.

He insists Ghanaians must rise up and send a clear signal to all politicians; whether NPP, NDC or whatever party, that they will not allow this corrupt subculture to develop into a gargantuan leech that will milk the country dry.

According to him, the NDC must do more to restore some credibility to politics by retrieving the Woyome money even if everything points to the fact that it is losing the next elections.

“This idea – and I heard the Vice-President mention it the other time – that everybody has got eight years so Mills too deserves eight years, [is wrong]. So you are not discussing the alleviation of poverty, you are not discussing [bringing] relief to people, you are thinking about Mills also getting eight years. I think Ghanaians must signal to all politicians that securing two terms is dependent on performance.”

Source: Myjoyonline/Ghana


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